#81: 4 Painful Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Not going to lie, this article was painful to write because it forced me to reflect on some of my deepest entrepreneurial scars.

But I want to share these lessons with you so you can grow your business faster.

Keep reading for the four biggest lessons I wish I had known sooner as an entrepreneur.  

Lesson #1: Perseverance Trumps Pedigree 

In the early days of my career, I often felt overshadowed by the more experienced or academically accomplished entrepreneurs.

But what I found is that, at the end of the day, the resilient are the ones who win.  

Entrepreneurship is less about your credentials and more about your courage to persevere.

It’s the relentless pursuit, the hustle, and the knack for solving problems that truly set you apart.

Finally acknowledging this truth will liberate you.  

Lesson #2: Focus On Sales, Systems, and Superstars 

Success in business, regardless of the industry, boils down to three elements: sales, systems, and superstars.

Sales are the lifeblood of any company, but to transform a fledgling startup into a well-oiled enterprise, you need robust systems and a team of superstars.

This triad will help you scale your business and ensure that your growth is not just a fluke.  

Lesson #3: Loyalty Is A Delicate Balance 

Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching lessons I’ve learned is the transient nature of loyalty in business.

Specifically, loyalty is just a paycheck away.  

While it’s comforting to believe in the unwavering commitment of your team, reality paints a different picture.

Money (i.e. the paycheck) talks.

This isn’t a call to cynicism but a reminder to nurture your relationships with your team, rewarding their loyalty with fair compensation and respect, recognition, and opportunities for growth.

Building a culture that transcends monetary loyalty is challenging yet crucial. 

Lesson #4: Put It In The Contract 

A lot of people romanticize the handshake deal.

Yet it’s the written contract that holds the true power.

This lesson serves as a stark reminder that, despite the trust you may place in verbal agreements, it’s the documented terms that provide clarity and protection when disputes arise.

Contracts are not the antithesis of trust but rather the foundation of a clear, mutual understanding that safeguards all parties involved. 

Solidify Your Business with a Strong Brand Strategy 

I hope you carry these lessons with you as you build your business and your brand.

If you’re looking for extra guidance or coaching, we’ve got you covered over here at Brand Builders Group.

We can help you craft a rock-solid brand strategy and define your growth plan, step-by-step.  

To fast-track your growth and avoid the traps I fell into as an early-stage entrepreneur, schedule a FREE Brand Strategy Call with my team.

We want to help you and hope we get the chance to meet.  

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