What 99% of People Aren’t Willing to Do to Get Ahead #90

Want to get ahead of 99% of people in life?

If so, listen up.

There are three activities you can do to accelerate your results, and the best part is that these activities are applicable no matter what industry, geography, or stage of career you’re in.

Most people aren’t willing to do them.

Hopefully though, you aren’t like most people.  

Accelerator Activity #1: Work Harder 


Simply work.

Now I know this might sound basic or fundamental, but stick with me.

The average person, even in a 40-hour workweek, isn’t actually working for a big chunk of that time.

They’re distracted, making personal phone calls, checking emails, and scrolling through social media.

Technically, nominally, they’re at work.

But mentally and intellectually, they’re not.

And even if they are actually working at work, 40 hours a week isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. 

So here’s where you can get ahead.

In an 8-hour workday, you still have 16 other hours left of your day.

If you sleep for 8 hours and work for 8 hours, that leaves you with another 8 hours.

If you put in just an extra hour or two a day, you’re adding 10 extra hours a week.

That’s 40 extra hours a month.

Do that for a year, and you’ve added an entire extra quarter of work!

Just by working a bit more each day, you’re already ahead of most people. 

Accelerator Activity #2: Be Patient 

In case nobody reminded you of this recently, here you go: Success doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s perfectly okay!

There’s a natural delay between when you invest your time and when you see the results.

Like planting a seed, you know? 

If you understand this principle, you’ll be ahead of most people.

Most folks want immediate results.

They put in extra hours and expect instant rewards.

But if you’re willing to wait and stay committed, the rewards will come.

One of my favorite philosophies is that you always get paid for how hard you work—sometimes now, often later, but always eventually.

The rewards might come through your current work or open new opportunities.

Trust the process, it will come! 

Accelerator Activity #3: Read Books 

Books, learn to love them!

Because when someone writes a book, they condense years (often decades) of their life lessons into a concentrated package you can absorb in a few days.

Most people never read a book after they finish school.

Imagine if you read 10 books related to your profession.

You’d know MUCH more than your colleagues.

If you read 20, you’d be a leading expert in your field. 

Let’s break it down: if it takes a week to read a book, you could read 52 books in a year.

Even if you read just one book a month, that’s 12 books a year.

Over two years, that’s 24 books.

You’d gain the equivalent of a hundred years of experience and education in just two years of reading.  

Books are the secret shortcut to professional growth.

They’re different from other forms of content.

People don’t put as much time into blogs or articles as they do into books.

A book is around $30 in the US, and that’s a small price to pay for the consolidated knowledge and experience of years. 

Almost nobody does these three things.

So if you outwork, outwait, and outread others, you’ll be ahead of 99% of people.

You don’t need a high IQ, millions of dollars, or special abilities.

It’s about doing the “simple things” and letting the results compound over 20 or so years. 

One day you’ll wake up in your 40s, and the life you have then will be determined by the choices you make today.

Do these three activities to separate yourself from 99% of the world in just a few years.

Put in the reps, be persistently patient, feed your curiosity, and then call me in 10 years to tell me how it’s going.  

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