How To Make Six Figures in Sales

How to Make Six Figures

If you’re not at six figures, you are flat out not working hard enough.  

Six figures, in most sales jobs, is doable if you’re working.  

The question is, are you batting around looking for an excuse to justify why you’re not doing it?  

Because the reality is, to get to six figures, you just need to talk to more people assuming you have a good product or a good service.  

At Brand Builders Group, we teach the Reputation formula which is results x reach = revenue.  

A lot of people just struggle with reach.  

It’s not that you have a bad product. It’s not that you’re not a good salesperson.  

It’s not that you don’t know how to sell. It’s not that you don’t know how to close. 

It’s that you’re not talking to enough people. 

Expanding Your Reach

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You have to get in front of more people however you can do that whether it is paid ads, organic traffic, cold calls., etc., or doing in-person meetings and free webinars.  

Whatever way you do it, it does not matter. You just got to get in front of enough people.  

And if you’re not at six figures, the problem is that you are not in front of enough people.  

There is no doubt about it.  

And you need to take the stairs. You need my first book, Take the Stairs, which is about self-discipline and getting yourself to do the things you don’t want to do.  

Because if you’re not at six figures, you’re afraid of rejection.  

You are losing to the fear.  

You’re not losing to what is actually happening.  

You’re losing to the fear of what might happen when you make the phone call. 

You’re not losing because you’re sending the wrong email. You’re losing because you’re not sending enough emails. 

You’re not losing because you don’t know what to say on the webinar. You’re losing because you’re not doing enough webinars.  

99% of the time, you are not working hard enough. You are not talking to enough people; you are not getting the word out there.  

I’ve done it all in different ways. I went door to door for five years. I was in corporate phone sales for two years and I have done cold calls. I’ve done email marketing. I’ve done Facebook ads. DMs, automated LinkedIn messages, etc. I’ve done everything.   

Here’s the other thing.  

If I have confidence in my ability to go talk to a hundred people today, then I’m not hanging on whether any one of them buys. My survival, my mortgage, or my kid’s next meal isn’t dependent on them to buy. 

If I got a hundred people that I know are coming in tomorrow, it creates the space of abundance for me to say you should buy this or you shouldn’t buy this.  

It creates a place of abundance for me to be able to truly operate in that person’s best interest rather than my own.  

When I only have five people to talk to today, I need them to buy. I need them, not because I’m a selfish person, but because I need them for my survival. 

Part of how you give yourself the gift of space and abundance, to be able to serve someone selflessly, is to do the work of being in front of many people.  

You also don’t take it personally. 

If I have a hundred people coming in today and they tell me no, I won’t freak out because I got a hundred more tomorrow and a hundred the day after that, etc. 

You must develop a mechanism, which is tied more to your discipline, to get in front of more people.

Work Hard

If you’re not at six figures in sales, you’re just not working hard enough. You’re not burnt out, you’re just doing the wrong things. Or you’re scared of something that you’re avoiding and you’re coming up with a victim story. 

However, beyond being a six-figure earner is a different story.  

Right now, once you hit six figures and eventually become a seven-figure earner and it becomes a different story. You are talking about going to a quarter million, half a million dollars a year. 

That is a different story as typically you’re not burnt out at less than six figures.  

But ultimately, the game of being a six-figure earner is figuring out what few activities work and doing it relentlessly until you achieve success. 

What about you? Have you mastered your reach? I love to know in the comments below. 

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