How to Have an Abundance Mindset in Selling

Having an Abundance Mindset

Abundance comes from faith.  

It’s not the faith of believing I have enough money today that my needs will be taken care of.   

It is the faith to say to oneself “if all the money I had was taken away, I have enough faith in God and myself that I would build it all back. “ 

The same goes for sales.  

It’s having faith that I don’t need any one sale because I believe in God or the universe (whatever you want to call it).   

And I believe in myself enough to do the work that I will create the sales that I need.   

I’m not worried about my survival because I have enough faith that I feel like my survival will be taken care of.  

That trust is what frees me and sets me up to believe my survival isn’t attached or dependent upon another person. 

Faith and Trust

It is faith and trust in myself and my work ethic that allows me to be service centered.  

And being service centered comes from an extreme place of abundance because it is trusting that it’s going to be okay in the end. 

It is trust that because I will do the work, I will be okay with or without this one sale, with or without this one person, and with or without this one opportunity.   

It’s the same with my speaking career.   

There have been speaking and media appearance opportunities where I thought, “if I could just get this one media appearance, it would change my life.” 

The reality is, I’ve gotten some of those and while they’ve made a big difference, none of them are solely responsible for my survival or my success.  

They all contribute, large and small, and I’ve lost a ton of opportunities along the way.  

But none of them, or the lack thereof, has been solely responsible for my detriment or success.  

The beauty about discipline and hard work is this:  

If you can develop a habit of taking the stairs of knowing you can get yourself to do things you don’t want to do, then it allows you to operate from this place of no matter what happens, you will be able to do what you need to do to survive.   

You will be okay.  

The Right Sales Mindset

rory vaden quote

Once the pressure of the sale is off, I can stand in a place right here, right now for you.   

When I stand in a place for you, and not from fear of my own needs, this is a tremendously powerful place to sell from.   

Because when I suggest that you do or do not do something, it hits you as truth and not as desperation. 

For example, if I tell you that you need to stop doing drugs, or you need to get your butt to the gym, or you need to stop talking to your wife that way, I’m not saying it in my best interest. I’m just delivering the truth for your best interest which is powerful.   

It’s moving, it’s compelling.  

I consider my expertise to be “influence” and I define influence as “the ability to inspire action. “ 

It is influence that says, “I can move you because of where I stand. “ 

But if I’m desperate or if I’m arrogant in either of those situations, I’m trying to get you to act based on me and my needs and goals.   

I think that’s a low level of influence.   

It’s not that you can’t make the sale that way. You can.   

We know all sorts of techniques that can cause people to buy stuff that they don’t really want or don’t really need, but in the long-term, this compromises your reputation. 

And your reputation is key to the success of your personal brand and your career overall. 

What is your current sales mindset? Are you coming from a place of an abundance mindset? Let me know in the comment section below.  

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