#67: How to Build an Amazing Affiliate Lead Generation Machine

I’m super pumped to talk about something that’s been a game changer for Brand Builders Group.

We’re on track to hit eight figures this year, and guess what?

Over 60% of that comes from affiliates.

That’s right, affiliates are our secret weapon, and I want to share this journey with you. 

A Serendipitous Start and the Power of Friendship 

It’s kind of crazy how it all started.

We unexpectedly sold our last company and had no plans for what became Brand Builders Group.

Then, our friend Lewis came along.

He needed help, we stepped in, and he was like, “This is your calling!”

Even though we were starting from scratch, Lewis had our back.

He introduced us to the world, and that’s how our incredible journey with affiliate marketing began. 

Transforming Customers into Your Sales Army 

Here’s something we swear by at Brand Builders Group: turn your customer force into your sales force.

Sounds cool, right?

It’s all about leveraging the relationships and trust you build with your customers.

They’re not just customers; they’re potential advocates who can spread the word far and wide. 

Overdelivering: The Core of Affiliate Success 

The real trick to making affiliate marketing work?

Overdeliver. Blow your customers’ minds.

When you do that, they naturally want to tell everyone about you.

It’s like sharing a great movie or a fantastic restaurant – it’s about giving them an experience so good they can’t help but talk about it. 

The BBG for Free Strategy: A Win-Win Approach 

Here’s something neat we do at Brand Builders Group.

We call it BBG for Free.

It’s simple – if you refer someone to us and they sign up, you get a slice of that pie.

We’ve had clients who’ve essentially gotten their entire BBG experience for free just by referring others.

And this isn’t just for the big shots; anyone can do it from day one. 

The Real Secret: Serving Those in Front of You 

I see so many people chasing new followers, trying to sell to strangers on the internet.

But here’s the real secret – focus on those right in front of you.

Serve them so well that they become your biggest advocates.

It’s not about reaching millions; it’s about deeply impacting those you already serve. 

Leveraging Affiliate Marketing: The Practical How-To 

So, how do you make this affiliate magic happen?

First, make it easy for people to say yes to being an affiliate.

Serve them so well they can’t refuse. Second, make it easy for them to market you.

Provide them with everything they need – links, emails, social media posts.

And third, make it easy for them to make money.

Have clear, proven funnels and processes in place. 

Finding the Right Affiliates: A Strategy That Works 

Don’t just chase famous people with huge followings.

Focus on finding customers who love what you do.

Their endorsement, born from genuine experience, is gold.

Remember, you don’t need millions of followers to make millions of dollars. 

Conclusion: The Power of Affiliate Marketing 

In summary, affiliate marketing isn’t just a strategy; it’s a philosophy of doing business.

It’s about building relationships, overdelivering, and turning happy customers into passionate advocates.

This approach has been a huge part of our success at Brand Builders Group, and I believe it can work wonders for you too. 

Want to Dive Deeper into Building Your Brand? 

If you’re eager to learn more about building a personal brand that stands out, schedule a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group.

We’re here to help you make your mark! 

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