2x Your Revenue without Acquiring Any New Customers #82

There’s a simple way to double your revenue without adding a single new customer.

Yep, you read that right.

You can double your revenue without fretting about customer acquisition, and it’s all based on a concept we call the Fractal Math Method.

Pull up a chair because you’re going to want to learn how it works! 

Introducing the Fractal Math Method 

The Fractal Math Method, a concept we teach to our members at Brand Builders Group, says that 10% of your customers will invest in an offer that’s 10 times the amount of their initial purchase.

I’ll give an example.  

Let’s say you have a $30 product and 1,000 people buy it.

Rather than trying to find more customers for your $30 offer, you should focus on creating a $300 offer ($30 x 10 = $300) that approximately 100 (or 10%) of your original customers would be interested in buying.

This strategy leverages existing relationships and maximizes the lifetime value of each customer. 

The theory is simple.

The tricky part is figuring out what your higher-ticket offer should be.

So to help you identify a viable higher-ticket offer, here’s a list of six service-centered questions that will get your strategic juices flowing.   

Six Service-Centered Questions to Maximize Revenue 

The Fractal Math Method only works if you can create a viable offer that’s 10x the price of your original product or service.

Ask yourself these six questions to identify your higher-ticket offer.  

  1. How can I help my clients succeed faster? 
  • Principle: Money follows speed. The quicker you can deliver results, the more valuable your service becomes. 
  • Application: Enhance your offerings to provide rapid results, which could be through accelerated programs, quick-start guides, or intensive workshops that promise and deliver speedy outcomes. 
  1. What can I offer to help my clients succeed on a deeper level? 
  • Principle: As the intimacy of your service increases, so does its value. 
  • Application: Develop premium services such as personalized coaching or small group workshops where you can offer more direct, tailored advice and support. 
  1. What tools can I create that make it easier for my clients to implement what they learn? 
  • Principle: Tools transform knowledge into action, making it easier for clients to apply what they’ve learned. 
  • Application: Create actionable tools like worksheets, apps, or software that guide your clients through the implementation process, enhancing the practical value of your educational content. 
  1. What vendor partnerships can I form to extend my service capabilities? 
  • Principle: You don’t have to provide every service personally. Instead, create partnerships to offer comprehensive solutions. 
  • Application: Establish relationships with other service providers who can offer complementary services or products that help your clients succeed, such as marketing firms or technology providers. 
  1. Where do my clients most often get stuck, and how can I help them overcome these challenges? 
  • Principle: Identifying and solving the sticky points in your clients’ journeys can significantly enhance their success and satisfaction. 
  • Application: Solicit feedback to identify common hurdles and develop focused solutions or support services to help clients navigate these challenges effectively. 
  1. What problem can I solve for my clients that never goes away? 
  • Principle: Perpetual challenges present an ongoing opportunity for engagement and monetization. 
  • Application: Offer solutions like ongoing membership programs, continuous learning courses, or regular strategy sessions that address long-term or recurring needs. 

Depth of Impact: The Ultimate Growth Strategy 

Everyone loves the phrase, “work smarter, not harder.”

And the Fractal Math Method allows you to do exactly that. Executed correctly, it will completely change your approach to personal branding and revenue generation.  

At Brand Builders Group, we specialize in helping mission-driven messengers like you turn their influence into a thriving business by not just reaching more people, but also deepening the impact you’re making with the audience you already have. 

Consider scheduling a Free Brand Call with us at Brand Builders Group if you’re curious about our proven strategies to grow and monetize your personal brand.  

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