What is R.O.T.I.?

Why Automation is Important

There is a massive opportunity for automation for every part of my business.  

And if you’re not in the game, you need to get in the game. 

If you’re fine with where your business is at, that’s fine.  

That’s a perfectly fine decision.  

But you have this unusual opportune time, this little window that we’re living in human history, where everyone can automate.  

But very few people do. 

Ten years from now, every small business will automate and the window to have multiplied will have passed because it’ll be accepted. It’ll be standard.  

There is this little window where the tools are readily available and fairly affordable.  

Not everyone else is doing it yet and we’re in that window right now.  

Five years ago, it was really, really early, but now it is still early, but five years from now, you’re going to be late. 

This is how it works. 

We call this permission to invest.  

If eliminate is the permission to ignore, then automate is the permission to invest.  

It is permission to invest both time and money now for the purpose of automation.  

And guess what? 

You’re investing time and money that you don’t really have because you will never have extra time just laying around just like you will never have extra money.  

Maybe not never.   

But for most of us, we don’t just have extra money laying around.  

It comes from sacrificing something in the short term and investing that into things that multiply things that you can spend time on today that create more time tomorrow. 

Let’s just say you had two extra hours in your calendar that were unscheduled.  

And if I told you that I think you should spend those two hours setting up online bill pay, most of us would say that is so stupid.  

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How to Create More Time

Why would I set up online bill pay?  

We would think it to be such a trivial, mundane, boring, and not interesting and fun way to spend my precious extra two hours, however, a multiplier would evaluate that much differently. 

Let us say it saves me 30 minutes every single month from paying my bills. Then next month it is going to save me 30 minutes.  

I am still losing time because I spent two hours setting up the online bill pay, and I only got 30 minutes back the month after it saves me another 30 minutes. I’m still losing time.  

But after four months’ time, I would have broken even on that investment of time.  

And then every single month thereafter from now into eternity or whenever I stopped paying bills, I will be multiplying time.  

Those two hours would have been an investment of time that I am now getting a return on it.  

I will get infinitely a return on it in the future.  

This is how multipliers think which is crazy to me. 

This is mind-boggling to say that online bill pay is the answer. 

It’s not about online bill pay. 

That’s just a very ubiquitous, universal example or illustration to try to help you understand how these people think.  

It’s difficult to explain but it’s actually very practical to apply.  

It’s simply spend time on things today that create more time tomorrow.  

Here’s a new term for you. This is a term that we coined.  

R. O. T. I.   

Return on time invested.  

Everybody worries about R.O.I. (return on investment), but we think that the bigger opportunity for cost savings is saving time.  

The next generation of cost savings will not be as focused on saving money as it will be focused on saving time because time is way more valuable than money. 

You still can’t get time back that you’ve lost but you can multiply time going forward in the future. 

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