My Multimillion Dollar Morning Routine 

Today, I’m diving into a topic that’s always been a fascinating subject for me: morning routines.

It’s intriguing to see how different people start their day, and I’m often asked about my own routine.

But before I delve into the specifics of what I do each morning, I want to focus on what I believe is the crux of any successful morning routine: gaining control of your mind. 

The Essence of a Morning Routine: Mind Control 

The first moments after you wake up are critical.

If you don’t take control of your thoughts, they will run wild, leading to diluted focus and, consequently, diluted results.

It’s so easy to lose control by reaching for your phone, checking emails, or letting your mind wander to the day’s worries.

That’s why the real battle, and the secret shared by many successful individuals, lies in conquering your mind as soon as you open your eyes. 

My Personal Morning Routine: A Four-Part Strategy 

1. Gratitude: Starting with a Thankful Heart 

Every morning, as soon as I wake up, my first thought is “Thank you.”

This act of gratitude is a conscious choice to steer my thoughts positively.

It’s a fight against negativity, and I make it a point to thank God for everything I want in my life tomorrow.

This “gratitude game” makes me appreciate the present and fosters a sense of contentment.

2. Time with God: Grounding Myself in Faith

After gratitude, I immerse myself in God’s word.

I use the YouVersion Bible app on my phone for this purpose.

It’s a deliberate choice to let scripture be the first influence on my day.

For those interested in exploring this further, check out my podcast, “Eternal Life: Seven Questions Every Intelligent Skeptic Should Ask About Jesus of Nazareth,” where I delve into the reasons behind my faith. 

3. Good Reads: Nourishing the Mind 

Next, I engage in some good reading, often in my infrared sauna.

Whether it’s a book or carefully curated Instagram feeds that inspire and educate, this part of my routine is about feeding my mind with positivity and knowledge. 

4. Great Workout: Winning the Battle of the Body 

Finally, I wrap up my morning routine with a workout, ranging from cardio to weightlifting.

It’s not just a physical activity; it’s about conquering the reluctance to exert and pushing myself to achieve more. 

Conclusion: Find What Works for You 

While this is my routine, the key takeaway is to find what works for you.

Focus on getting enough sleep and start your day by winning the war in your mind.

With this approach, each day is set up for success, leading to a fulfilling life. 

As you ponder your morning routine, remember that it’s not just about the actions you take but about setting the tone for your entire day.

And if you’re looking to elevate your personal brand or need guidance on your journey, don’t hesitate to schedule a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group.

We’re here to help you shine! 

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