How to Make More Money

Best Way to Make Money

How do you make more money?

What a good question.

What an important question and what a misunderstood and overcomplicated question.

A big question where you will get lots of different answers to but I’m going to submit to you that there is one thing that you can do that is different from hard work and it’s also different from discipline.

For those of you that know my book, Take the Stairs, and how much I talk about self-discipline.

 There is something different to making more money.

 There’s something that you need if you want to make more money.

 Something that you need to do but it is not hard work and it’s not investing.

It’s none of those things.

But before I tell you what it is, I want to have you think about something first because as you may know, I grew up in a very poor economic situation.

I always had a lot of love, but I was raised by a single mother. When I was born, I lived in a trailer park. We bounced around all the time when I was very little as families who are struggling financially often do, moving from place to place as the rent increases, etc.

And I just didn’t grow up with a lot of money.  

I’m not the richest guy in the world now but I have certainly come a long, long way.

And I’ve discovered some things about money that are very simple.  

They’re things that you don’t often hear people talk about.

And you often don’t hear wealthy people even talk about these things.  

And it can be difficult. It can be kind of trying to figure what do I have to do to make more money? 

And the most common thing that you hear is that you need to work hard.

You need to work hard and working hard is good. You do need to work hard. 

Working hard is important and a necessary part in most cases of earning more money but working hard in and of itself is not necessarily the vehicle to more money.


There is a lot of hard work that doesn’t equate to more money, right?

 You can go work in a field picking strawberries. That’s hard work.

One of the first jobs that I worked was cleaning out the mortars from fireworks shows in a back warehouse. That was hard work.

I used to drag baseball fields when I was a teenager, out in the sun, raking the whole field, and do all that other stuff.

That was hard work, but it didn’t necessarily equate to a lot of money.

And that’s something important to understand.

I’m not advocating that you don’t work hard but I am an advocate of hard work.

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How to Build Wealth

If you don’t understand this one truth that I’m about to share with you about money, then hard work as a vehicle in and of itself may not get you to more money but here is something that will.

It is more knowledge. It is more information.

It’s the right knowledge. It’s the right information.

Now, before you go and just turn this off because you don’t want to hear this and want some secret, magic pill, or a shortcut instead, let me tell you that your knowledge base is something you can build.

You can grow it; you’re in control of it.

And I’m telling you, this is the truth.

One of the biggest reasons why I am where I am in life and when it comes to money is because there’s a team of people involved. 

My wife and I have been business partners for several years. We have built great teams. We have been a part of great teams. We’ve had great mentors. There’s a lot of other things that go into this, but a lot of what we’ve been able to do, we have done because we learned it somewhere.

We learned what we were supposed to do. We learned the process of doing it. We learned what kind of people you need to have in your life. We learned what kind of thinking you need to have. We learned what types of business models work and what types of business models don’t.

And we’ve learned about marketing. We’ve learned about sales. We’ve learned about customer service. We’ve learned about accounting.

We’ve learned about all these different things.

And here’s what you need to know. If you want to out-earn your past self, you need to outlearn your past self.

Write that down.

If you want to out-earn your past self, you must out-learn your past self.

You see hard work is important, but the thing about hard work is that if you keep working hard at the thing that you are doing now in the way that you’re doing that thing right now, and you do that for a long time, you are going to end up with more of what you have right now.

And perhaps there would be some type of efficiency that you might gain. If you’re a corporate employee, you might have some steady kind of cost-of-living wages, increases in pay, and things along the way.  

If you want exponential growth in your earnings, you must have exponential growth in your learnings.


Because working hard at the same thing you’re doing is just doing more of what you’re doing.

Most people will say things such as they have 20 years of experience, but the truth is they don’t have 20 years of experience.

What they have is one year of experience repeated 20 times.

And that is a problem because if you have your current knowledge base and you just keep operating over and over and over with that same knowledge base, you’re not going to grow your income. After all, you’re not growing your value.

 And I know this may be hard to hear, but you go, Oh, well, my boss should give me a raise.  

Well, you’re in charge of your raises by your contribution to the company, by your contribution to the team, and doing what you’re doing now is worth something.

And if you have a generous boss, they’re factoring in things like inflation, cost of living, tenure, etc. 

But if you’re doing the same thing, the way you’re doing that same thing, you’re probably going to have linear growth in your income, which is not a bad thing, right?

That’s not wrong. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure in life. That’s not what we’re talking about.

 Education is Important

What I’m saying is that if you want to out earn your past self, you have to outlearn your past self.

You must bring new value to the situation.

You must bring new ideas and innovation.

You must create results and you must create new results, better results, faster results, and bigger results.

And that applies whether you’re an employee or you’re an entrepreneur in charge of your own destiny.

But ultimately, we’re all in charge of our own destiny by how much we learn.

Most people stop learning.

They stop learning after high school and certainly after college. 

After college, they basically never read a book again. They basically never go through a course again.

And this is what boggles my mind, and it has taken me years to realize this.

I out invest in my education more than almost anybody I know.

Right now, I’m a New York Times bestselling author, a Hall of Fame speaker, an eight-figure entrepreneur, and now a teacher. I’m the one teaching a lot of the courses here at Brand Builders Group.

My expectation was that it would be people just starting on their journey, who would always be coming to our courses. The people who know very little, who need to learn.

And here is what’s crazy. A lot of times, it’s not those people. 

The people who come to the personal development class, the professional education course, are the people who are already successful.  

And it dawned on me.

That’s why they’re successful.

That’s why their income is growing is because they keep learning.

They’re out learning their past selves. And they’re out-earning their past selves.

And the people who think personal development is stupid, cheesy, dumb, a waste of time, or they think there is some guru out there who’s just taking advantage of you and your money.

They’re missing it.

You are missing it. You are missing the biggest opportunity and vehicle in your life.

And from my perspective, because if that’s true, I have been taken advantage of by guru after guru, educator after educator, teacher after teacher, and course after course because I have pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into my education. 

And yet, somehow my income has grown tremendously over time.

And I believe and understand now something that I did not understand back then.

You can change this immediately in your life.

If you want to out earn your past self, then the first step and the only thing that you really need to do is outlearn your past self.

Start learning so you can do things differently to get bigger results.

What are you doing now in your learning? Let me know in the comments below.

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