How to Brainwash Yourself for Success and Eliminate Negative Thinking

What if you could brainwash yourself for success?

What if becoming wealthy, influential, and having significant roles in the world were connected to your brain?

I believe they are.

 I want to share with you the 4 steps to brainwashing yourself into achieving success.

But before I do, I want to explain “The Creation Principle of Integrity.”

This principle is simply understanding that the human brain is a computer and computers don’t do things that are “good” or “bad,” computers do exactly what their programs tell them.

The brain is the same, the human brain will do whatever you tell it to do.

If you are looking for an excuse, your brain will process the issue until it finds a justifiable “reason” to protect you from doing something you’re not comfortable with. So if you’re trying to find an actual solution to an issue, your brain will process it until it finds a solution.

This is why, sometimes, if you go to sleep thinking about an issue, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a solution.  


It’s because your subconscious is constantly processing that problem to find an answer.

 If you want to create different results in your life, you must change the way that you think.

Next level of results always requires the next level of thinking.


Because permanent changes in our behavior are only reinforced through permanent changes in our thinking. We can’t try to get ourselves to do something that we think is “stupid” or “doesn’t matter.”

Rory Vaden quote

The body won’t keep doing something if it is misaligned with the brain. If you can get your brain aligned, your body will fall in line and your actions will fall behind that.

Now back to the 4 steps to brainwashing yourself into achieving success.


The first step is to think.

Whenever you want to create something, you have to create it in your mind first. You have to give yourself permission to think about whether or not it’s possible.

If you have a hard time creating it in your mind, you’ll never create it in real life.

You have to be able to picture it whether it’s a solution, outcome, product, or just general success.

If you can see it in your mind first, then you can reverse engineer from there to make it become real.

Once you think about it and can picture your goal, move on to step two, speak.


Words are the first manifestation of that idea into the real world. Once you write or speak them, you can use those words to create plans, instructions, or models.

Words are important because whatever you tell yourself to be true is what becomes true. So. If you’re telling yourself it’s impossible, your brain is going to automatically accept that as the truth.



Once you have a model, plan, or even instructions you can move on to step three of the process, actions 

Use those plans and instructions as a guide to your actions. But before you start taking these actions, you need to make sure your actions are aligned with your thoughts.


Because the human brain will not let the body do something it does not want.

And guess what? If your actions are in alignment, step four will show up as a byproduct.


What is step four?


Your results are directly influenced by your actions.

But what happens after you get results?

Your thinking gets reinforced, and the cycle goes on and on and gets larger and larger.

So those are the four steps of how to brainwash yourself for success. I guarantee if you shift your mindset and start using these 4 steps, you will see the results faster and with less chance of burnout.


Because your brain is automatically repeating these steps and your body will have no option other than to follow.

Think it, speak it, act, it happens. That is “The Creation Principle of Integrity.”

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