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Words Have Power

Anything that we want in life follows something that I called in my Take the Stairs book, the Creation Principle of Integrity, which is that you think it, then you speak it, then you act, and then it happens. 

The premise here is that all of creation around you starts and follows the same creation process. 

You think it, you speak it, you act, and it happens, which means that the spoken word is the genesis of all creation. 

If that is true, that the spoken word-the first time when I say something- that’s the first moment that something exists. 

It comes out of my mind into the world through the spoken word and it’s out there now. 

It can impact others. 

It can be adapted, edited, molded, and shaped.  

The spoken word is important.  

That’s where creation comes from. 

The life that you have hopefully is one that you have created or at least the life that you’re going to have one day is one that you realize that you are creating now. 

And if it is true, that the life that you’re going to have one day is what you are creating right now, then your words matter tremendously because they mark the onset. 

The genesis of creation is the spoken word. 

Here is the dilemma. 

What are you doing or telling yourself about yourself? 

I’m not even talking about all the things that other people say about you, or the movies that you watch, or the music you listen to, and the books that you read and how much that impacts you. 

What I’m just talking about here is what do you tell yourself to be true about who you are? 

Because whether you realize it or not, you are creating through your word who you are. 

Power of Positive Words

Here is the part that is so heartbreaking. 

This is something that we have found to be so true for those of you that have kids, or for those of you that are married or have a partner, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. 

Most of you never let someone talk about your kids the way you allow yourself to talk about you. 

Many of you would never accept talking about your spouse or your partner the way that you allow yourself to talk about yourself. 

Would it be acceptable for you to allow someone to talk about your parents the way that you talk to yourself every day? 

And that is heartbreaking. 

It’s taken me a long time to realize that for a lot of us, we struggle with this tape that’s going on in our heads. 

Sometimes it’s because we don’t realize it.  

A lot of times it’s because we think it is true. 

We think, “Gosh, I really am stupid, or I really am going to be poor. My ideas really don’t matter, or my voice is insignificant.”

Why do we believe those things to be true? 

rory vaden quote

The reason that we believe those things to be true is not because they’re true. 

It’s because we believe what we hear most often. 

That’s it. 

You don’t believe what is true. 

You believe what you hear most often, and what you hear more than anything else about yourself is what you tell yourself about yourself. 

If you would never let someone talk to your parents, partner, spouse, or your kids that way, then you better not allow yourself to talk about yourself in that way. 

What about you? What are you saying today that is creating the life you want? I love to know. 

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