#72: My Six-Step Secret to Turn Stage Fright Into Spotlight

Public speaking is often listed among the top fears people have, but with adequate preparation, that fear diminishes significantly.

As a seasoned speaker, I’ve journeyed through countless stages and engaged with diverse audiences worldwide.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal my personal six-step process for crafting customized presentations, a method that not only alleviates fear but also ensures a connection with every audience I encounter. 

1. The Power of Pre-Program Questionnaires 

The journey to a powerful presentation begins long before stepping onto the stage.

It starts with a thorough understanding of your audience, achieved through a tool I’ve refined over two decades: the pre-program questionnaire.

This set of meticulously crafted questions helps tailor my speech, ensuring that every word resonates with the audience’s unique language, culture, and challenges.

If you’re curious about this game-changing tool, leave a comment with “pre-event,” and I’ll gladly share this treasure trove of insight. 

2. The Essential Pre-Event Call 

Never underestimate the value of a pre-event call.

This step is about listening, not talking.

I approach each call with an open mind and a clear outline of my speech, ready to weave in the client’s insights into each core idea I plan to present.

This is not just preparation; it’s collaboration at its finest, transforming a standard presentation into a tailored experience that speaks directly to the heart of the organization. 

3. Dive into Their Digital World 

Preparation goes digital with the next two steps.

First, a deep dive into the client’s website, a step shockingly overlooked by many.

This is your chance to grasp their official narrative, understand their offerings, and speak their language.

But don’t stop there.

Step into their social media universe to capture the pulse of their culture, values, and current happenings.

Social media is the unfiltered storyline of a company, offering real-time insights that a website alone cannot provide. 

4. Harness the Power of Google News 

In the age of information, staying updated is key.

That’s where the Google News function becomes your secret weapon.

A simple search can unveil recent developments, achievements, or challenges faced by the organization.

This information is gold, offering fresh, relevant content to enrich your presentation and demonstrate your genuine interest and thorough preparation. 

5. The Venue Visit: An Insider’s Advantage 

Arriving early at the venue is more than a punctuality practice; it’s your gateway to the day’s vibe, concerns, and highlights.

This step is about immersion, about capturing those live, unscripted moments that can later be transformed into powerful, relatable content during your presentation.

It’s about proving that you’re not just a speaker but an active participant in the event. 

6. Mastering the Art of Callbacks 

Lastly, the art of callbacks – a humor strategy with immense power.

This involves keen observation of the audience’s reactions during earlier sessions and creatively referencing those moments during your speech.

Callbacks are not just about eliciting laughter; they’re about creating a shared experience, signaling to your audience that you’re one of them, attentive and fully present. 

Incorporating these six steps into your preparation routine ensures not just a presentation but a memorable experience for your audience.

It’s about going beyond speaking to connecting, resonating, and leaving a lasting impression that echoes beyond the confines of the event. 

Remember, mastery in public speaking is not just about overcoming fear; it’s about embracing preparation, understanding your audience, and delivering a message that’s not just heard but deeply felt.

And if you’re looking to refine your speaking skills further or elevate your personal brand, consider scheduling a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group.

Together, we can transform your message into a powerful tool that captivates audiences and leaves an indelible mark on your field. 

Prepare, personalize, and present with passion – your audience awaits! 

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