4 Keys to Consistent Success

get asked a lot: “What is your greatest tip for consistent success in life? “

So— Its time to write a blog post about it!


The first key to consistent success is consistent education.

But, what do I mean education? Education is distilled knowledge. Yes, you can figure things out on your own through trial and error.

But how long is that going to take versus learning from someone who has 10 or 20 years of experience and has already distilled those lessons down into education?

Education is a great multiplier, and if you are going to have consistent success, it’s because you’re getting consistent education.

What I mean by education is not just going to high school, college, or grad school, I mean consistently learning in a way that’s related to whatever your current pursuit is.


The second key for consistent success is consistent relationships.

Having the right relationship will open the door to a sale much faster than using cold calls.

Relationships knock down doors and are a great accelerant to success in any industry, goal, company, or pursuit.

There are certain key relationships that you can develop that will help you get where you need to be a lot faster.

So, you need to consistently develop those relationships.

The way you do that is by consistently adding value to people’s lives.

The key to relationships is to build them before you need them.


The third key to consistent success in life is consistent discipline.

This was in fact, the entire subject of my first New York Times Bestselling book, Take the Stairs.

And there is a key distinction between discipline and work ethic.

Discipline is doing the thing you know you should be doing, even when you don’t feel like doing it.

It isn’t so much about volume, as much as it is about precision and facing your fear and committing.

Because in any pursuit of success, there are certain things that need to be done that you won’t want to do.

Rory Vaden quote

Most people can’t get themselves to do that.

Most people “take the escalator,” and look for the shortcut.

Most people gravitate towards the path of least resistance, but the people who consistently achieve success succeed because they develop the habit of discipline.

Work Ethic

The fourth and final key to consistent success is consistent work ethic.

Now this one’s probably not as unexpected as the others, but if you want consistent results, then you need consistent work habits.

There is simply no replacement for being willing to outwork everybody else.

And it’s not necessarily a competition between you and everyone else, that’s not what I’m saying.

What I am saying is that you need to be willing to pay the price for success.

I don’t think that hard work is the key to success, I think hard work is simply the price of admission. But if you want consistent success, you have to consistently work hard.

It’s a given.

It’s a matter of fact.

If you’re not willing to do that, you shouldn’t even bother showing up.

So, if you want consistent success, focus on:

  • Consistent education
  • Consistent relationships
  • Consistent discipline and consistent work ethic

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