Why Customer Experience is Important

Why Customer Experience is Important

One of the biggest complaints that meeting planners have about speakers is that the speaker didn’t give us anything actionable. 

One of the biggest requests and the things that meeting planners will say when they’re looking to hire a speaker with pay, is we need action steps. 

People say that a lot. 

It’s also a very common complaint that readers have. 

And the video course customers. They take the time to go through this experience and then they wonder what they need to do. It was enjoyable, the time spent was good and maybe they got a couple of things but what do they do now? 

Taking Action

That’s what people really need to help with is they need help taking action. 

They really do. 

And that’s the reason that we have the behavior drivers, right? 

That’s part of what we teach here at Brand Builders Group. We tell a story. We make a point; we teach a framework and now we’re going to give them a behavior-give them something to do. We explicitly spell this out in our formula. 

So why do we need behavior drivers? 

First of all, this is how you change lives. 

At the end of the day, we need to ask the question of “Does our stuff actually work? Is what we’re doing, actually helpful to the people who are consuming our information?”

And that is really important. So that’s how we change lives. 

Number two, it’s great marketing.  

Think about that for a second. 

What Makes Great Customer Experience

The most powerful marketing in the world is a changed life. 

I think you know that Brand Builders Group lives and dies by the referrals of our customers so much that we pay our customers for it. 

But we can’t just pay money. 

We also need people to say they had a great experience. 

That is the way the whole business survives. 

And I think that’s a great thing to aspire to.  

Too many people are so money-focused that they think that the sale stops once they collect the money. 


The sale isn’t made once the money is collected; the sale is made once the customer who bought the thing experiences the result that the salesperson promised. 

The best marketing in the world is a customer of yours who changed their life as a result of you. 

We talk more about that at our Brand Builders Group events, Pressure-free Persuasion specifically. We also talk about it at the 8-Figure Entrepreneur event where we talk about the relationship between marketing, customer service, and sales, which is really important. 

But for now, I want to give people stuff that works. I want someone to go through this and be like, “This was amazing. And I know what to do.”

The other thing is that behavior drivers show evidence of you.

I’m convinced that one of the reasons why the Take the Stairs book sells so well is because people will be at an airport or a mall, etc. with their friends and family and they will literally take the stairs. Everyone will look at them and say why are you taking the stairs?

And they will say, Oh, it’s this silly book I read one time.  

That is part of why it perpetuates. Because it’s a behavior change, and it is evidence. 

We want you to have evidence of us in your life, right?  

One time I went to Lewis Howes’ headquarters office to record another interview with them.

And it was a few months after we had done work with him the first time. 

And Matt, who is Lewis’ best friend and runs Operations, had a shared office with Lewis. 

On Matt and Lewis’ wall is a giant printout of the Yes/No list exercise that we go through in the Find Your Brand DNA experience. 

And that was so exciting to me because that’s what you want.  

 You want people to see their vision board and they go, Oh, that’s what I learned from so-and-so. 

Or they have these habits or routines that they do every single day. And it makes them think of you. 

That’s a really great thing. 

That’s something that we’re aspiring for. 

It turns your customers into your salesforce.  

This single idea is the major pillar point of the customer service component of the 8-Figure Entrepreneur event. Turn your customer force into your salesforce. 

 The idea that every single person you work with now becomes a part of the people advancing your story

Your company should always grow if that’s the case.

As long as you’re adding new customers, and they’re all having a great experience, and then they’re out there telling other people. 

You’re always going to grow. 

If you are interested in learning more about this, request a free call here.

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