The BEST Method for Getting Referrals

When we ask the question, “What is the number one thing that you’re struggling with in your business?” So many achievers will tell me, “Rory, I’m struggling to find more customers. I don’t have enough new people in the front door.”

If you have the same problem, that’s great because I’m about to tell you the easiest ways to get more referrals. 

I would bet that 90% of businesses don’t do this one thing, even though it’s the fastest, easiest, and most profitable method. 

What is this secret method? 

Ask for referrals. 

Now, I love digital marketing, it’s all we teach and talk about at Brand Builders Group.

Automated funnels, evergreen nurture campaigns, social media, podcasting, books, webinars, speeches – all of these things will help you create customers.

And in the long-run, these things are really scalable, but the problem is that mass marketing is slow at generating new customers.

In the short term, it’s not like you can build a funnel, turn it on, and have 100,000 people go through it today. 

But do you know what you can do? 

You can call a loyal customer, friend, family member, or anyone who likes and trusts you, and have a quick conversation with them.

And you can get a trusted referral in a matter of minutes.

But most of us don’t do it because we’re afraid. 

We don’t want to sound needy. 

We are afraid that we’ll say something wrong.

That’s why I’m going to share a great technique that I call “The Client Check In.”

C.H.E.C.K I.N  is an acronym that stands for the step-by-step process you need to use to get great referrals quickly. 

C: Catch Up

The C in C.H.E.C.K I.N stands for “catch up.”

Call your past clients and just catch up with them.

That’s the first step.

Don’t ask them for anything, just say, “hi.”

And a lot of us are scared to call our past clients. I know you are because I’ve been in sales my whole life. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur. 

I’ve had this fear. 

I’ve coached people through this fear.


I know that we are reluctant to call our customers and one of the reasons why we’re reluctant to call them is because some of us deal with customers like a one night stand!

You get a customer, make a sale, and then you never talk to them again. So, the idea of calling them back to get referrals seems a little bit scary and overwhelming. 

H: Help

The H in C.H.E.C.K I.N stands for “help.” Ask them if they need help. That’s it. 

Start by asking them if they need anything from you before asking for a referral.

And your conversation might end there because if they need help or haven’t had a good experience, you need to deal with that before you ask for referrals.

E: Explain

The E in C.H.E.C.K I.N stands for “explain.”

Here’s where you make the transition.

All you’re going to do is explain to them what you’ve been up to and the way that you prefer to do business.

Say something super casual like, “Hey, it’s so great to hear that you’re doing well and that you’ve been enjoying our product/service.

I wanted to let you know that I prefer doing business with people who know the clients that I currently work with.

I find that it is just more fun, there’s more trust, and it’s an overall better experience.”

C: Clarify

The second C stands for “clarify.”

Clarify exactly who you’re looking for.

Tell them, “I am looking to be introduced to people who ______.”

Make sure when you clarify, don’t say you’re looking for someone who would be interested in buying what you have. In other words, don’t ask for someone who needs the solution that you sell, ask for someone who has the problem that you solve.

K: Kickstarter

The K is for “kickstarter.” Don’t say, “Who do you know that would buy from me?” Instead, give them kickstart lists of different pockets of people that they might know. 

Someone from church.

Someone interested in writing a book or starting a podcast.

Someone passionate about growing their social media following or their small business.

The more you narrow it down for them the easier it will be for them to think of someone on the spot.

I: Introduction

The I stands for “ask for an introduction.”

Don’t ask for referrals. Sometimes, people freak out about referrals.  Ask them, “Would you be comfortable introducing me to the people on this list?”

N: Invest

If they say “yes,” that brings you to the N which is to “invest in the relationship.”

Be willing to invest back into the referral partners who made introductions to you.



Catch up





Introductions not referrals


That is how you “C.H.E.C.K I.N.”

That is how you generate referrals quickly, build your business, and find customers fast, profitably, and easily.

So go out and have a client C.H.E.C.K I.N and let me know how it goes!

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