How to Make Money With Your Personal Brand

Here is a frequent question we get: “How do I make money online with my personal brand?”

I want to introduce you to a framework that we call the Relationship Engine. 

Here’s the way that I think about it.

 What we have learned in terms of monetizing is a simple system of how to think about it at a very high level.

The idea is to build an automated ecosystem where people can enter and build a relationship with you.

Even if you don’t know them, they feel like they know you.

Personal Brand Strategy

Our whole strategy is to use the blog as what we call the Relationship Headquarters.

For us, we try to drive people to our blog.

You don’t have to do this, but I do recommend you pick one place to be the headquarters.

We focus first on producing awesome free content. Then we focus on revenue conversion.

At Brand Builders Group, we encourage clients to first have three super simple funnels.

The first funnel is a video series evergreen funnel. Here is how we would phrase it: “Get my free video course on “X” when you sign up to receive my blog updates via email.”

This funnel will automatically subscribe them to the blog, and it drops them into a email sequence delivering the videos.

They receive these three free videos before we ask for them to buy, request a free call, or to opt-in to something else.

While this sequence is designed to sell something, more importantly, it’s designed to build a relationship quickly with a new person to build trust.

TIP: Save your best for the first video as we want to give them the best stuff so that they can fall in love with you.

Now the second funnel is set up for one-click and buy. Always make sure there is a way that people can buy with an easy one-click option.

The best type of funnel to use here is a webinar or online training. Keep it simple: “Sign up for free training.”

On the registration page, they give their name and email address, then they immediately go to the training page to watch the video. 

The other page in the funnel is the sales page which tells them what the offer is. Lastly, the checkout page where you either collect their credit card if they are buying or schedule a free call with them.

Traffic Sources

Once the funnels are built, we need to set up our traffic sources to build an audience and referral sources.

Focus on free traffic first.

What is the free traffic? Those would be all social media platforms, email lists, search engine optimization, any type of public relations, or podcasts, to name a few.

The next type of traffic is paid traffic which are Google Ads, Facebook advertising, YouTube, all the pay per click, boosting posts, affiliate marketing, etc. Start there and then move to the next level of paid traffic which is an amazing one.

This is where someone pays you to be in front of an audience. Speaking is a great example of that. Getting book deals. Hosting different shows, etc.

 That’s it.

 That’s the Relationship Engine that we teach. Super simple.

Get clear on who you are and your uniqueness. Then build an ecosystem around one thing and you will do great!

Interested in learning more about the Relationship Engine or finding out your uniqueness? Click here to request a free call with one of our personal brand strategists. We’d love to help you!

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