How to Gain a Following and Grow Your Audience?

Building Your Personal Brand

Most of you at some point probably got introduced to Brand Builders Group through us by talking about the concept of Sheahan’s wall which demonstrates the real problem that most personal brands are facing.  

We talk about the two groups of people in the world. Some are unknown and then some are known. If you can be the world’s expert for one thing, that’s how you break through the wall. Once you’re on the other side of that wall, you can expand into other things.  

The reason why most personal brands do not break through the noise is because they do not have a clear, long-term plan. The journey for how to do that is what we call the Brand Builder Journey.  

You see, when we started Brand Builders Group back in 2018, we said to ourselves that we should teach people how to do this stuff that we’ve spent 20 years stumbling through and figuring out how to do this. We did research, spent a lot of money on useless things as well as doing things the wrong way.  But we also noticed a lot of consistencies in terms of the things that do work that developed into what we call the ideal Brand Builders Journey which is divided into 4 phases and each phase has three different experiences. 

Brand Builder Journey Diagram

How to Gain a Following

Phase One is branding. And our first experience in Phase One is the flagship experience-Finding Your Brand DNA. This is where we create the Brand Positioning Statement and we get clear on what problem you solve in one word, who do you solve it for, how do you solve it in one sentence, and then how do you make money solving it. 

The Golden Grid, or also known as your Primary Business Model (we talk about the five different business models), brings out the clarity on your positioning. 

The next experience is Captivating Content. This is where we take our brand positioning and uniqueness and we communicate that to the world through our Six Pillars process. This experience takes us through various checkpoints, builds our proprietary IP, takes through our Modular Content Methodology to develop content such as writing Tedx talk, keynote, half-day training, 6-month coaching program, consulting curriculum, etc. 

Next, we move to the third experience which is what we call World-Class Presentation Craft. Not only is this for paid keynotes, webinars, presenting on a podcast as much as it is on the spoken word.  

We teach things like the psychology of humor and storytelling. We teach how to use the stage, how to cultivate characters, how to create conflict and drama and struggle. We would also help you outline your first webinar.  

Your webinar is the number one most powerful marketing vehicle there is, which is you as a messenger, using your literal voice to tell the world who you are and what you believe in.  

Growing Your Audience

Phase Two is all about marketing. Our flagship Phase Two experience is called Building Your Revenue Engine. We use that term interchangeably with Relationship Engine. That is where you build your automated digital ecosystem around your personal brand. It is your platform. 

I used to think you had to be on TV or be an actor, an athlete, or a celebrity to have a big platform. Now the digital tools of the world give all of us the ability to have a platform to build a direct connection with an audience. We teach how to do that in the Revenue Engine experience by building funnels and offer structures, writing sales copy, structuring your whole digital strategy, managing social media, and automate these things. 

How to Be a Professional Speaker

The Full Keynote Calendar, the next experience, is the business of speaking. We teach how to get booked to speak, negotiate fees, or speak for free and sell from the back of the room.

Creating a Podcast

Podcast Power, which is a pretty straightforward third experience in Phase Two, on launching, managing, and growing your podcast. 

Scaling Your Online Business

When you get into Phase Three, our flagship High Traffic Strategies, we refer to this phase as selling. Another way of thinking about this is how do we start to scale? Maybe like a six-figure business to seven figures or even multi-seven figures. 


One important skillset is the Pressure-Free Persuasion experience which is all about hand-to-hand sales skills for personal brands. Specifically, this experience is what you need for selling high dollar offers. 

And you know, it’s like more classic sales training. 

Phase Three is where we talk about paid traffic. Phase Two is free and organic traffic. Phase Three is where we get into Facebook ads, Google, YouTube, search engine optimization, split testing, affiliate marketing, digital analytics, and dashboards. 

It’s more of the technical components where you can force growth. One of the reasons we’re so confident that this works is because once you have it all built; we guarantee that people will grow because they’re going to spend money. You spend money on the front end to increase your reach.

The key is to build the systems and the foundation to know that for every $5 coming in, I got $10 coming out. And that is High Traffic Strategies is all about.

How to be a Best Selling Author

Bestseller Launch Plan experience is the capstone moment right here. It’s setting the stage, creating focus, and creating momentum. And then right here is where we’re going to like leverage off of the power of a traditionally published book that is a best seller. We will also talk about self-publishing. But this experience is the moment that the breakthrough on Sheahan’s wall happens.   

These are the phases in a nutshell in order to break through the noise. If you would like to learn more about these phases, as well as Phase Four, request a free brand strategy call here.

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