How to Find Your Ideal Audience

What’s the more important personal branding question?

What problem do you solve?


Why do you do what you do?


The reason why people are struggling to nail their uniqueness, nail their problem, and focus their revenue streams down to one is because they can’t answer this question,

 “Who do I serve?”

This not only applies to your personal brand, but within life in general as well.

The reason we work so hard is for our kids, spouse, parents, or anyone we care about. And your personal brand

is entirely oriented around a “who” and as soon as you’re clear on the “who,” everything else becomes clearer.

You know what problem that person has, their goals, and how you can help them achieve those goals.

So how do you find your “who”? 

Today, I’m going to give you five questions you can use to find them. 


1. Who is the Person you once were?

You’re most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were.

And there are a couple of sub-questions to this main question:

·       What problem have you gotten past?

·       What obstacles have you overcome?

·       What setbacks have you survived?

·       What tragedy have you triumphed over?

My friend Dr. Josh Axe, built his own $100 million company, Ancient Nutrition, using the same method.

 His mom got diagnosed with cancer, so he built his entire business around this simple message, “Use food as medicine.”

He built his company serving people who had a similar issue to him.


2. What Person do you Know the Best?

In order to serve your audience, you need to know where they hang out, what they’re reading, and what they’re listening to.

Another way of another way of asking this question is, “Who can I serve in the deepest way?”

You can’t serve everyone!

Focus on serving who can serve the deepest. 

Remember, if you get 20 people to pay you $30,000 to join your private Mastermind Group, that’s $600,000 a year. 

You don’t need millions of people.

Ask yourself, “Who are the 20 people that can pay me 30 grand for me to rock their world?


3. Who can you serve in the deepest way? 

A sub-question of this is, “Whose life can you change the fastest?”

If they come to you, you need to be able to  cut hundreds of hours off their learning curve.


Because you can show them exactly where to go.

They will waste no time doing the wrong things.

They’ll waste no time going in the wrong order. 


4. What Audience do you have Immediate Access to?

When I think about my career, I first had access to direct salespeople, because I was a top direct salesperson.

That’s why I was creating content for them. 

Then I had access to Toastmasters because I became a celebrity inside of this little pocket of the world. 

A lot of people will struggle with this, because they’ll say, “Well the audience I have access to is ___.

But I really want to help people with their mindset, and more personal development stuff. So let’s talk about that.


5. What Tangible Skill are you an Expert at?

This is a two part question:

Part 1: What tangible skill Are you an expert at? 

Part 2: Who needs that skill?

When I say “tangible” I mean, it’s very pragmatic. 

It’s something very straightforward.

A lot of mission driven messengers say, “Gosh, I could really teach people how to scuba dive. But my heart’s desire is to help people overcome their lack of confidence.”

They have this conundrum where they go, “I know I can make money in my sleep teaching people how to scuba dive. But that’s not what I really want to do.” 

What I would say is, teach scuba divers how to have more confidence. 

Because that’s the place that you understand. That’s where you could create your first course or your first book. 

So what’s the most tangible skill to you know? 

Because it’s easier for people to buy things that are tangible.

It’s easier to sell you a cup than to sell you a coaching program, in terms of getting your mind wrapped around what it is.

But the more concrete it is and the clearer the ROI for the person, the easier it is for them to buy from you.

To recap, you can find your “who” by answering these 5 questions:

1. Who is the person you once were?

2. What person do you know the best?

3. Who can you serve in the deepest way? 

4. What audience do you have immediate access to?

5. What tangible skill are you an expert at?

Once you can answer all five, you can finally pat yourself on the back. You have found your who!

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