Building Funnels That Build Trust

What is a Marketing Funnel? 

So, first of all, don’t be intimidated by the concept of a funnel.

It’s a great term. I’ve come to really love it and enjoy it.

And, all it is, is an automated, series of emails, landing pages, and videos that consistently nurture people toward buying.

At the end of the day, what we’re talking about here is about some emails that you write that have links in them which you click on and it’ll take you to landing pages.

And those landing pages have some videos of you typically, and they’re going to consistently nurture people towards buying, which is just so great because it’s only for the interested people. By definition, they have to opt themselves into the funnel.

And it’s this process of just kind of gradually pushing them along and letting them be exposed to what you’re doing.

And, you know, as I said, one of the ways that I think about it is, it’s like automating trust.

Automating trust. 

A great funnel isn’t easy to build.

Don’t let anybody confuse you.

Funnels aren’t easy to build but they are simple to build. And you only have to build one successful one to be able to change your life.

Sales Funnel Strategy

And you know, one great funnel can, depending on what your offer structure is and everything that’s going on in your business, could produce hundreds of thousands of dollars for you in a year. It could be millions. It might be a few hundred dollars a month and it will pay for your groceries.

In fact, I interviewed D’Arcy Benincosa who’s one of our clients and her whole business is video funnels. And we interviewed her on the Influential Personal Brand podcast, just talking about this.

 And she was sharing how one of her favorite funnels is just a YouTube video that she made public. It’s the first video in her course.

 And at the end of the YouTube video, she just drives people directly to her sales page and they buy her $50 course.

She sells a couple of them every single week. And it’s paid for her groceries for the last two years.

And I just loved how simple it was and of course, she also has bigger courses.

But you know, funnels can be really great.

Now, part of what funnels do is they reduce the reliance on salespeople, which is kind of interesting and helpful.

You know, people are amazing. We want to build people.

 We love people.

You build a great company around great people.

But people also call in sick. People have vacations; people change jobs. People get bored; people get tired. 

The cool thing about a funnel is that once it’s working, it’s pretty much working and it’s just up there.

There’s more troubleshooting on the front end. But once that thing is cranking, it’s going. 

And if nothing else, it’s going to shorten the sales cycle. 

And that’s another thing I want to address so that you, even if it’s not converting or doesn’t work, to have the long view here.

 If somebody doesn’t buy, but if they go through your funnel and they don’t buy.  What has happened?

You have added tremendous value.

They’ve gotten to know you more closely and more deeply.

And if you haven’t annoyed them, it has probably moved them down the path of buying from you at some point.

Not every sale needs to happen today.

You need to build trust today and it takes a long time sometimes to build that up. 

Don’t be discouraged if something isn’t working even though we want it to convert faster.

Funnels also virtually eliminate the chance of you annoying people, because again, they have to find their way in there.

That’s their choice.

Now you’re going to promote the idea of them being in there, but they’re only going to get in there if they choose to go in there and they can opt-out of there at any time.

That’s a wonderful thing.

And typically, the only people that know something is available to buy are the ones who care enough to self-select into hearing about what it is that you offer. 

And I think that this is the future of business development.

I think that this is how things are going to evolve and where they’re going to go because it makes so much sense in so many ways.

And you know, funnels allow you to create predictable lead flow and revenue in your business. 

They give you a chance to run a sophisticated and data-driven approach to growing your business.

Another great byproduct of funnels is that they allow you to justify spending money on ads and other forms of paid traffic, which has numerous benefits side benefits. 

So even if most people don’t buy and even if you don’t make any money from the funnel, the fact that it allows you to have an offsetting cost to ads is massive.

If your funnel only breaks even, but now you can push your message and your mission out all across the globe.

And you can controllably scale up your exposure is what we’re doing here. 

That is tremendously valuable because you’re building your email list. You’re building your reputation, your name, your credibility, and you’re driving up your followers, right?

And you’re building for the long term, right?

We’re playing the long game here. 

We’re always playing the long game and that’s one of the great things.

How about you? Are you playing the long game? I love to know.

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