Building a Strong Personal Brand

The First Step in Building a Personal Brand

Before you can have a strong personal brand, you must have a strong personal reputation.

I want to take a moment to just explain to you what I do every day in my daily life.

You see, I’m the co-founder of Brand Builders Group and Brand Builders Group is a personal brand strategy firm for influencers and entrepreneurs.

What does that mean?

It basically means that we teach people how to build and monetize their personal brand.

In other words, they might want to write a book, or become a speaker, or launch a video course, etc.

And we’re one of the world’s first true personal brand strategy firms.

We don’t work with companies; we only work with people who are at companies such as CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, Executives, Leaders, etc.

Every day, all day, we study reputation strategy and we talk about how you build a personal brand.

What Most People Overlook When Building a Personal Brand

The thing about personal branding that people never really understand is that before you can have a strong personal brand, you must have a strong personal reputation.

To take it a step further, before you can have a rock-solid reputation, you need to have strong personal character.

Your personal character is the foundation on which your reputation is built and who you are.

Your reputation is the foundation of what your personal brand is built, but it all starts the genesis of a personal brand.

The genesis of a reputation is your personal character and any compromise in your personal character is a compromise in your reputation.

Your personal character is something that is very interesting because in that personal brand is very public, but your character is formed in private.

Very often it is that our character is shaped in the moments when nobody is looking.

And a lot of us don’t realize the connection between what we do in our private life and how that shows up and manifests in our public life.

If one is broken, one cannot really thrive without the other.

Why Personal Brands Need to Build a Strong Character

In order to build a reputation or in order to build a personal brand, you must first become a person of character.

And becoming a person of character is a decision that you must wake up and make every single day to say:

I’m going to live my life based on a certain set of values.

I’m going to live my life based upon a certain set of beliefs.

There are some things that I am not willing to compromise.

There are just some things that I will not do, and there are some things that I will always do.

Some things that I will always believe in.

Some things that I will never let go of.

You must establish that foundation first, and you must really look at what is your character made of.

Because before you can be known for something, you must be built for something.

Do you have that rock-solid reputation? Let me know in the comments below.

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