Biggest Mistake When Building Your Personal Brand

The biggest mistake in building your personal brand is this: you don’t want to make your personal brand about you. 

Your personal brand is not about you.

This is the number one biggest mistake that people make with their personal brand. 

And it’s more of a mental mistake than anything. 

Your personal brand is not about you. 

Your personal brand is about the problem that you solve in the service of others. 

Some of you have been resistant to building a personal brand. 

You say, “Oh, I don’t understand that technology.”

“I don’t like Facebook.”

“I don’t have time for this or that.”

I guarantee you whenever you have those limiting beliefs, it’s because you’re thinking about yourself. 

You’re not thinking about the people who need the solution to the problem that you were uniquely designed to solve. 

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You see, you never feel fear when the mission to serve is clear.  

And so, if you’re afraid or if you’re resistant, it’s because you’re thinking about yourself, period. 

That’s the biggest mistake that everybody makes with the personal brand. 

It’s not about ego; it’s not about vanity. 

It’s about solving a problem. 

And if we all are addicted to something, which some people make the case that we are, then service is just the addiction with the best byproducts. 

Is your mission clear? Tell me in the comments below. 

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