Wanna Go Viral? Here Are 4 Tips to Make It Happen #83

Virality isn’t vanity if (and this is a big IF) you’re pursuing it at the right stage of business growth.  

If the backend of your business is already profitable and you have well-oiled systems to monetize the extra traffic from social media, then virality could just be the next step in scaling your business.

So today I want to walk you through four tips to make your content go more viral.    

Disclaimer: Virality Is Best for Established Businesses in Scale Mode  

It might surprise some of you who’ve followed my journey (especially our dedicated Brand Builders Group members, shout out to you!) to hear me talk about going viral.

After all, our success at BBG has come from world-class talent, training, and systems rather than viral hits.  

However, as we look to expand our reach and influence, understanding the MECHANICS OF VIRALITY has become crucial.

This isn’t just about getting more views, it’s about leveraging those views to grow a sustainable, profitable backend business that can capitalize on the increased visibility.  

So with that disclaimer out of the way, here are my four tips for going more viral.  

Tip #1: Pick the Right Topics  

A huge part of going viral is knowing what type of content is going to go viral in the first place.

(Duh, but also wildly overlooked!)

Make sure you’re talking about the right topics.

What are people already watching and sharing?

What resonates so deeply that others feel compelled to pass it on?  

The secret here is to observe what works and create your unique version of it.

YouTube and Instagram will show you trending topics, so pay attention to what’s trending and align your content around the topics that are most relevant to your expertise and perspective.  

Tip #2: Create Strong Text Hooks  

The hook is everything, you know that already.

But do you know what a hook actually is?

And how to make it good? After all these years in the game, I finally came up with my definition of a hook: a hook is telling people what you’re about to tell them.   

Here’s an example of a viral hook I used recently: “Someone just stole $40,000 from me and I want to tell you what they did so it doesn’t happen to you.”  

That’s a text-based hook and you can use text hooks in the titles of your video thumbnails, graphics, and captions.

You want to make it strikingly obvious what’s coming and why it matters.

Tell people why it’s worth their attention to stop the scroll. 

Tip #3: Create Strong Visual Hooks 

A visual hook has the same goal as a text hook, but it’s processed in a different area of the brain because it’s, well, visual.

To create a strong visual hook, use compelling design elements such as an intriguing thumbnail or a striking first frame with colors that stand out.

You can also add a prop to your video, such as a trophy or your favorite book. 

Tip #4: Create Strong Audio Hooks 

So you’ve got text hooks, visual hooks, and now audio hooks.

An audio hook is essentially the first three seconds of your video or podcast.

You need to clearly state what the viewer will learn in these first few seconds.

This direct approach helps retain attention and sets the expectation right from the start.

Don’t weasel around with phrases like “soooo…I was thinking…the other day…” 

Integrate Your Hooks for Maximum Impact 

Each type of hook draws in your audience through different senses and mediums.

Combining these effectively ensures that no matter how someone encounters your content—whether through visuals, text, or audio—they get a consistent message that compels them to pay attention.

Use all three types of hooks together for maximum “wow” factor.  

The Most Important Element of Virality: A System to Monetize Traffic Spikes 

Possibly the most crucial aspect, often overlooked in the rush for viral content, is having a robust backend system.

Virality can drive traffic, which is awesome!

But without a solid system to monetize and manage this traffic, the effort is futile.  

This is where Brand Builders Group excels.

We help you build a backend as strong as your front, ensuring that when your content goes viral, you’re fully equipped to turn social media views into business value. 

If you want to grow your digital presence and make your content work harder for you, why not schedule a Free Brand Call with us at Brand Builders Group?

We’re here to help you scale your influence and monetize your passion the smart way.  

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