#73: 4 Non-Cringy Tips to Grow Your Personal Brand 

Why is nobody talking about these alternative use cases for generative AI?  

And by “alternative,” I mean use cases other than writing articles and creating graphics.

Truth is, there are ENDLESS ways you can tap into this technology to grow your brand.

Today I’m sharing my four favorite ways to use AI for personal branding, plus the biggest mistake I see people make in this arena.  

1. Break Language Barriers with AI Translations 

Want to reach a new audience in a completely different part of the world?

No problem.

AI’s role in breaking language barriers is immense.

A prime example is Lewis Howes, a friend and client, who has successfully tapped into the Spanish-speaking market, amassing a million subscribers on his YouTube Spanish channel.

His success underscores the potential of AI in making your content accessible to people in Germany, Mexico, Ukraine—you name it!  

A bigger audience not only amplifies your reach, it also amplifies your impact.

Whether it’s for your free content or paid, consider using AI for translations, especially in regions where you notice a growing audience.

The bonus benefit is the number of meaningful, diverse connections you can create with people from other cultures.  

2. Create Custom Utilities for Branded Solutions 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’ve been working passionately behind the scenes on a project called CopyBot.

This isn’t your average copywriting tool.

It’s a custom GPT, meticulously trained on our (Brand Builders Group) unique voice and proven 15 Ps of copywriting methodology. 

It’ll be available to our paid members when it launches soon and it’s going to clear up massive roadblocks for them.

We’re basically tailoring AI to echo our brand voice and philosophy to offer exclusive, on-demand value to our community.

The key to create a quality custom utility is to identify the unique needs of your audience and translate your expertise into an AI tool that allows people to achieve more.  

3. Liven Up Your Membership Community  

Imagine having a version of yourself available 24/7 to interact with your community.

That’s what we are crafting with Ro.Bot, a custom GPT trained on every piece of my publicly available content.

This AI doesn’t just mimic me; it’s designed to think like me, offering a scalable way to maintain a personalized touch with each member of the community.

It’s about enhancing the membership experience, making it more interactive, and ensuring that every member feels heard and valued. 

4. Recreate Your Voice  

This one is a game-changer for us at Brand Builders Group.

Our team uses a tool called ElevenLabs to recreate my voice.

Then we use that audio to update our course content without the bottleneck of recording sessions.

This AI use-case is not just about efficiency; it’s about maintaining a cohesive brand voice in every piece of content we offer.  

Big blatant warning: tread carefully here, as voice fraud is a rising concern.

It’s crucial to educate your team and family to be vigilant and verify the authenticity of communications. 

The Big Misstep: AI as a Replacement for Original Thinking 

AI should not replace your original thinking.

Full stop.

AI-generated content lacks your unique perspective, emotions, and insights.

And in a world where AI can mimic almost anything, authenticity and originality will become your most significant assets.

Remember, AI can replicate what’s already there, but it cannot replicate the one thing that makes you stand out – your unique thoughts and original content. 

Let’s use AI as a tool to amplify our reach, enhance our efficiency, and enrich our community’s experience.

But let’s not forget the core of what makes a personal brand truly resonate – authenticity, originality, and the human touch.  

Curious about how to integrate AI into your personal branding strategy without losing your unique essence?

We’ve got you covered.

Schedule a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group and we’ll explore how you can stay ahead of the curve without losing the essence of your brand.  

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