#69: 3 Secrets to Getting Publicity

In the bustling world of personal branding, getting noticed is the name of the game.

It’s about making waves in a sea of constant information.

But how do you break through the noise, especially when launching something close to your heart like a book, product, or in my case, a passion project podcast titled “Eternal Life: Seven Questions Every Intelligent Skeptic Should Ask About Jesus of Nazareth”? 

1. Tapping into the News Cycle: Your Gateway to Public Attention 

The first step is as strategic as it is simple: hitch your expertise to the fast-moving train of the news cycle.

The news thrives on attention, not accuracy.

It’s all about what’s trending, what’s capturing the nation’s attention.

If you want the spotlight, you need to merge your lane with the highway of ongoing conversations.

This is where your expertise intersects with the public’s current interests, making your story not just heard, but also relevant. 

2. Becoming the Media: The Power of Owning Your Platform 

Then there’s the game-changer strategy: becoming the media.

This is where you take the reins and start building your own platform.

Through social media, blogging, podcasting, or YouTube, you create a space where your voice isn’t just another one in the chorus—it’s the lead singer.

This approach isn’t just about having a soapbox to stand on; it’s about understanding the mechanics of content creation, the thirst for compelling stories, and the art of audience engagement. 

3. The Relationship Switchboard: Networking Like a Maestro 

The pièce de résistance, though, is what I call the ‘Relationship Switchboard’.

It’s about building relationships before you need them, becoming a connector between people, and getting caught in the crossfire of mutual benefit.

This isn’t networking for the sake of personal gain.

It’s about fostering genuine connections, offering value without immediate expectations, and playing a role in creating synergies that ripple outwards, benefiting everyone involved. 

In the grand tapestry of branding and publicity, these strategies aren’t just about getting your voice out there.

They’re about crafting a narrative that resonates, that taps into the collective consciousness, and ultimately, that leads to a legacy of influence and impact.

If your mission aligns with this vision, perhaps it’s time we talked.

At Brand Builders Group, we’re in the business of shaping voices that shape the world.

And who knows, maybe your voice is the next we help amplify. 

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