Who to Hire to Build an 8-Figure Business

Embarking on the journey to build an 8-figure business is both exhilarating and challenging.

A critical element of this journey is assembling the right team.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the question of who to hire first.

The answer might surprise you: start with personal life support before professional. 

The Surprising First Hires: Your Personal Support Team 

Begin at Home:

The initial step in building a formidable business isn’t hiring a marketing guru or a sales whiz; it’s about finding individuals who can manage your personal responsibilities.

A house cleaner is a prime example.

By delegating tasks like cleaning, landscaping, or even grocery shopping, you free up valuable time to focus on your business. 

Utilize Platforms for Ease:

Websites like care.com are great resources for finding personal assistance.

Whether it’s pet care, elderly care, childcare, or someone to handle everyday errands, these services can significantly lighten your load, allowing you to concentrate on business growth. 

Building Your Professional Team

Your First Professional Hire – An Assistant:

Once your personal life is supported, it’s time to hire an assistant.

This person should handle tasks that consume your time but don’t require your specific expertise, like managing emails, scheduling flights, or handling expense reports.

An efficient assistant can dramatically increase your productivity. 

Next Step – Marketing and Bookkeeping:

As your business grows, you’ll need someone to take charge of marketing and bookkeeping.

Initially, this could be a marketing assistant or a project manager to coordinate various tasks and manage vendors.

For bookkeeping, look for individuals with experience in QuickBooks or similar tools. 

The Path to Scalability: Delegating Core Business Functions 

Focus on Delivery and Sales:

Once you have administrative and marketing support, turn your attention to delivery and sales.

Hire individuals who can handle client work, allowing you to focus on business development.

Sales, particularly, can often be outsourced or handled by commission-based salespeople, which is a cost-effective strategy for startups. 

The Final Frontier – Strategic Roles:

As your business scales, the need for strategic roles becomes paramount.

These are typically more expensive hires but are crucial for handling the growing complexity of your organization. 

The Eight Departments of Every Business 

Every successful business, regardless of size, has eight critical functions: 

  1. Marketing: Generating leads and managing brand presence. 
  1. Sales: Converting leads into customers. 
  1. Delivery: Fulfilling promises made to customers. 
  1. Customer Service: Addressing customer needs and concerns. 
  1. HR: Recruiting and managing the team. 
  1. Operations and IT: Creating and maintaining the necessary tools and systems. 
  1. Administration: Managing strategic and legal aspects. 
  1. Finance: Overseeing financial health and bookkeeping. 

Conclusion: The Road to an 8-Figure Business 

Building an 8-figure business requires not just a vision but also a team that can turn that vision into reality.

Starting with personal life support and gradually building up to strategic roles, you can create a robust structure that supports sustainable growth.

At Brand Builders Group, we understand the intricacies of this process and can help you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to schedule a Free Brand Call with us.

Together, we can make your business soar! 

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