What is a Servant Leadership and Why it Works

Servant Leadership

I don’t claim to know everything. I don’t even necessarily claim anything or to know many things, but there’s one thing that I know about leadership.

And somebody said this to me the other day.  

They said, “Rory, one thing that’s so cool since you’ve written books is because now that you have kids, one day, your kids will be able to read your books and know what you believed in and what you think and know you and know your heart.”

 I thought that was pretty cool.

And then it got me thinking, “Gosh, if there was one thing I could teach my kids, what would it be?” 

And there’s no way I could limit it to one thing but maybe one thing in each topic. 

And I said to myself if there was one thing I could teach my kids about leadership, what would it be?  

And it came to me pretty quickly, cause it’s super simple, right?

Leadership sometimes is over complicated.

It is just clouded with way too much stuff, too many ideas, and too many concepts.

But for me, I really believe that leadership is about service.  

It’s just about service.

 And if there’s one thing I would want my kids to know about leadership, it’s this: if serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.

If serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you. 

The world has a complete misconception about what leadership is.  

We think of leadership as being important, being in charge, being in power, being in control, being able to make decisions, or being the person with all the influence. 

And, those things are fine. They’re good.

They’re good to have if they come to the right person. It’s fine to aspire to those things.

But I think the truth is that what I want to pursue and what I would certainly want my kids to pursue is whatever extent they had an opportunity to lead that they would know that leadership is about service.

And that service is something that is not frowned upon.   

It’s not beneath you.

In fact, it’s the opposite.

If service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you because leadership is service.

Leadership is about who you are going to help.

Leadership isn’t about what you do for yourself.

What is a Servant Leader?

Leadership is about who you’re taking with you. Leadership is about who you can support in achieving things and doing great things. 

Not just how great are you, but what is the impact you’re having on those around you? 

And I think that’s more than just leadership.

I think that’s where fulfillment, joy, contentment, purpose, and passion comes from. It comes from serving.

I think too often people are looking for their purpose in too many things. We would be better off suited if we just found someone to help.

If we found someone to help, we would find purpose. 

Serve Others

Because the moment you start helping someone else, the moment you start supporting someone, the moment you start making an impact on someone else’s life and their life is better because of you and the things that you’re doing and they’re reaching their potential because you’re either on the team with them or coaching or leading them, or you’re supporting and lifting them up is the moment that your life has a purpose because you are connected with them. 

The moment that your life is connected to someone else’s life is the moment that your life has a purpose. 

That is service.

That is leadership.

And even though it is uncommon, even though it’s not popular, it is the truth. It is simple and basic, but it is essential and critical.

And we have to know that if serving is below us, if we’re too good to serve, then we’re not good enough to lead. 

What do you think? Comment below as I love to know your thoughts.

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