Speaker Goals?? My 6-P Blueprint to Getting Paid #78

Do you know any speakers who want to lower their speaking fees this year?

Yeah, me neither.

Who doesn’t want to command higher fees for their time on stage?

Higher speaking fees are not just about making more money, they’re a testament to the value of your message.  

So if you’re wondering how to charge more for your speaking, keep reading to learn my 6-P blueprint for increasing your fees.

I used this blueprint to grow my speaking career and I guarantee if you implement it, it will grow your speaking career too.  

1. POLISH Your Craft 

First and foremost, polish. Because the quality of your performance on stage drives your fees.

Being funny, inspiring, and emotionally engaging are table stakes.

Your content must be impactful, your ideas tight and concise, and your phrases memorable. Incorporating solid data and having a well-structured presentation can significantly boost your perceived value, too.

Delivering a powerful message is the first step towards commanding higher fees. 

2. Amplify Your PRESENCE to Increase Demand 

Next, let’s talk about presence, specifically, your online one.

At Brand Builders Group, we define personal branding as the digitization of your reputation.

To increase demand for your speaking, you must expand your reach and the size of your online audience.

Do this by writing articles, speaking for free to increase visibility, and amplifying your voice across digital platforms.

These activities will drive up demand for YOU. (And subsequently, your fees.) 

3. Strategically Elevate Your PERCEPTION 

Perception plays a pivotal role in pricing.

Why do we pay more for certain brands than others?

It’s all about the perceived value. Speakers can increase their perceived value by having a bestselling book, posting viral videos, or being featured in reputable media outlets.

Here’s another tip: when you speak on stages, capture strategic pictures that show the size of the audience and prestige of the stage.

These assets elevate the market’s perception of you.  

4. Set PRICE Anchors  

Price anchoring is a technique every speaker should understand.

The concept is simple yet powerful: prices are relative.

Before discussing your fee, anchor it against a higher value to make it seem more reasonable by comparison.

This could mean referencing higher-priced speakers in your niche or setting your own varied fee structure based on the length and location of the engagement (e.g. remote versus local versus international fees).

This strategy ensures your fee is seen in a context that justifies its value. 

5. Innovate with PACKAGING 

The fifth P is packaging. If you’re aiming to increase your fees, consider creating packages that offer more value.

Instead of a flat fee for speaking, bundle your speaking engagement with additional offerings like books, follow-up webinars, or social media promotions.

This not only helps justify a higher fee but also enhances the overall value you bring to your clients. 

6. PRE-SELL Your Offer  

Lastly, pre-sell.

Recognize that each speaking engagement is an opportunity to showcase your other products or services to potential buyers.

Sometimes, the right audience is worth more than the speaking fee itself.

Essentially, you’re prospecting simply by being on stage.

This approach requires clarity on your target audience and back-end offerings (something we specialize in at Brand Builders Group). 

Speaking engagements are more than just a platform to share your message.

They’re a strategic opportunity to expand your brand and increase your income.

If you’re looking to refine your strategy and boost your speaking fees, consider scheduling a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group.

We’re here to support you in navigating these strategies and elevating your speaking career to new heights. 

Implement these six Ps and I guarantee you’ll boost your speaking fees and your career’s trajectory.  

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