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The True Path to Greatness

path to greatness

The things that make sense never make greatness.

Because greatness doesn’t happen by doing what is normal.

Greatness doesn’t happen by doing what is safe.

Greatness doesn’t happen by doing what everyone else does.

Greatness, by definition, requires a departure from the norm.

Greatness is a unique walk.

Greatness can be a lonely walk.

But greatness is a worthy walk. Because in the pursuit of greatness you learn what you’re capable of.

You push your life to new limits.

And you inspire those around you to reach for something that they might not have otherwise.

Greatness is a risk.

Greatness is a chance.

Greatness is the possibility that you may fail.

Greatness is the possibility that you will be mocked, criticized, and condemned.

But greatness is also the possibility that you may succeed.

It’s the possibility that you might prove everyone wrong.

Greatness is the possibility that you discover yourself to be far more capable than you ever dreamed to be.

And greatness is ultimately the possibility that one day you might look back and be able to say “I did something that mattered. I did something great.”

  • Robert Beaujean

    Another great post Rory. I believe that every single person has the potential to achieve great things, but unfortunately many people never realize that potential because they are unable to overcome the obstacles of fear and temporary defeat. These obstacles can look like the Grand Canyon when you come upon them, but when you get by them life starts to look awesome! Like the Pain Paradox right? Do the hard work now to overcome the obstacle and create a less painful future for yourself. Have a great day!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Confirmation for a path I’m following.

  • You’re so welcome Valerie! Sometimes it’s information and sometimes it’s confirmation. Both are good!

  • Amen Robert. Total Paradox. But difficult short term choices lead to easy long term consequences!