The Disservice of a Weak Work Ethic

It’s easy to let ourselves down but hopefully it’s hard to let others down.

We rarely think about the reality of how much our own actions and choices affect those around us.

But did you know that every moment where you are supposed to be working and you aren’t has a negative impact on the entire world around you?

Each wasted moment of work ethic…

Delays the world of benefitting from the excellence or achievement you would be creating…

Robs a quiet bystander of the inspiration that they would receive from watching you work…

Forces someone who needs what you are working on to go one more moment without it…

In fact every moment where you give into fear, procrastination, indulgence or laziness…

Is one moment you steal from your family’s future to pay yourself now.

Hope it’s worth it to you.

  • Zechariah Newman

    So true Rory. Our limitless desires will always say now instead of later. We must make the hard right instead of the easy wrong.

  • Bob Brumm

    Rory, Good reminder. We need to think like farmers, You need to give a lot before you get anything. Give to Get.

  • Rory Vaden

    I agree Bob! Farmers have it all figured out! Hard work, great attitude, and patience!

  • Rory Vaden

    I like Zechariah. You are such as stud!