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Winning At Home Like You Win At Work with Mark Timm – Episode 194 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


When Ziglar Family CEO, Mark Timm, heard Zig Ziglar speak for the first time almost 3 decades ago, it changed his life direction. Mr. Ziglar’s timeless principles inspired Mark to start more than a dozen successful businesses. But when his business success didn’t transfer to his family life, Mark and his wife Ann got intentional about applying those time-tested Ziglar principles to leading and growing a successful, blended family with six children. Today as CEO of Ziglar Family, Mark passionately shares the Ziglar principles that have worked so well for his family to empower millions of other families around the world. Ziglar principles have guided Mark to significant achievements, from becoming a national FFA officer as a teen, to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur and starting more than 12 businesses.  He has spoken professionally for over 25 years, giving thousands of speeches to over one million people in 48 states. But his highest priority is to keep his family as the most important thing. Together with his wife, Ann, he is proud to parent six of the coolest kids on the planet — three boys (Markus, Kavyn, Zachary) and three girls (Mary, Cassandra & Grace). They live near Indianapolis, Indiana. When not helping families in the Thrive community, Mark enjoys flying airplanes, traveling with his family, and engaging in fun outdoor activities with his kids.

Show Highlights:

Watch Rory talking Southwestern Consulting with Zig Ziglar – Click Here!

You already know to be successful at home if you are successful somewhere else. @themarktimm

So many families don’t have a target they’re aiming for, they’re just in survival mode. @themarktimm

The greatest change happens at the dinner table. @themarktimm

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” – Mother Teresa

When you’re together, don’t miss the opportunity to talk about something meaningful. @themarktimm

If we teach our kids to think, that sets them up for success. @themarktimm

Your job is not to raise a good kid, it’s to raise a good adult. @themarktimm

5 Ideas for running your business like a family:

  • Give special attention to new team members
  • Celebrate Milestones and achievements
  • Provide for them and keep them safe
  • Train and develop your people
  • Care about them because they are yours; not because of what they can do for you.


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Zig Ziglar’s son Tom on The Rory Vaden Show Episode 38: Lessons I learned from Dad

Tom ZiglarSon of Zig Ziglar and CEO of Ziglar, Inc. Tom joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987. He shares not only a last name with his father, Zig Ziglar, but he also carries on his philosophy, which is simply, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” But rather than try to fill his father’s shoes, Tom has created some of his own! He is boldly taking Ziglar, Inc., into the world of social communities, Twitter, blogs, and live video webcasts to present the tried and true message of hope, integrity and positive thinking to a whole new audience. He keeps Ziglar, Inc. ahead of the times with his innovative leadership. Tom shares his Ziglar writing flair in his core messages and beliefs about business, family, success and the keys to a fulfilling life the Pure and Simple way in his blog at, as well as in live appearances.

Interview Highlights

–      Zig Ziglar’s son @TomZiglar talks about lessons he learned off stage from his dad.

–      Ever wondered what Zig Ziglar was like in his personal life? @TomZiglar shares…

–      My dad Zig Ziglar wanted me to know that he wasn’t above making an apology.  – @TomZiglar

–      @TomZiglar‘s favorite memory of his dad Zig…

–      Why Zig Ziglar spent 3 hours reading and studying every day…

–      @TomZiglar shares the source of his dad Zig’s favorite quote ‘Help enough other people get what they want and you’ll get what you want’

Other Show Highlights

–      4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Missing Out

–      5 People who missed out on becoming rich

–      I share a very personal story about my biological father and my real “dad”

Find Tom: Website, Facebook, Twitter

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YOU Were Born to Win – Find Out How

My mentor and “America’s Motivator” bestselling author Zig Ziglar has written what is sure to become a beloved classic, Born to Win.

Zig takes his 40+ years of teaching about success and how to get it and puts it all in one easy-to-understand book.

The Born to Win philosophy is both “profoundly simple” and “simply profound.”  Zig says, “You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win.  Then and only then can you legitimately expect to win.” In this book, Zig shows you how you can prepare yourself for success and change your world!

In Born to Win you will discover how:

  • You can begin to win right away
  • Two driving forces fuel action
  • Practice prepares you for victory
  • To get the advice you need
  • To stop worrying about results
  • To always expect the best
  • Being born to win can drive your business to new levels of success

To celebrate the release of this groundbreaking book, Zig’s friends and colleagues have put together an amazing offer. If you purchase the book today, you’ll get instant access to tons of bonus gifts, including my Take the Stairs 60 Minute Signature Keynote on Audio and eMinibuk of Quotes – a $30 value! Check out the details here.

The entire bonus package is worth more than $2,184 including gifts from leading industry experts such as Bob Burg, Dianna Booher, Tom Hopkins, Dr. Tony Alessandra, me, and many, many others.

Born to Win is Zig Ziglar’s legacy for all of us.  Don’t miss it!  If you think he’s already impacted your life, as he has mine, then hold on—your life will get even better after reading Born to Win.  It’s the best of the best of Zig Ziglar.” — Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

If you’re serious about winning in life, learn how with Born To Win.  Begin your journey today!

See you in the “stairwell”,

P.S. If you purchase today, you’ll receive over 32 bonuses!  Order now!

P.P.S. If you’ve never read Zig Ziglar, find out why Seth Godin says, “Zig Ziglar is the real deal!  He’s an authentic voice, a light, and a life changing mentor and model for millions.”  Click here to find out more.

Motivational Speaker Rory Vaden asks Zig Ziglar about The Southwestern Company

As you may have heard, Zig Ziglar and his team invited me to share Take the Stairs on their show, Success 2.0. Over the past few meetings I’ve had with Zig he has shared several important lessons:

  1. Selling is a valuable skill for anybody and you always win if you keep it honest.
  2. No matter what your travel schedule is like, try to be at your home church every Sunday.
  3. Call your spouse three times every day just to let them know you care about them.
  4. Read inspirational material every day.
  5. There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.

What amazes me is how humble and grateful the entire Ziglar family is about what they’ve been given. Their whole company is a group of people that are truly committed to helping people live better lives.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that Zig was very familiar with The Southwestern Company and its philosophies over the past 155 years. It turns out that he has met many of the young people who sold books who are now Southwestern alums .

Have a college-aged student in your life that you want to introduce to success principles, entrepreneurship, and leadership? Have them check out The Southwestern Company paid internship at

See you in the stairwell,

Rory Vaden
Take the stairs – Success means doing what others won’t.