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Winning At Home Like You Win At Work with Mark Timm – Episode 194 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


When Ziglar Family CEO, Mark Timm, heard Zig Ziglar speak for the first time almost 3 decades ago, it changed his life direction. Mr. Ziglar’s timeless principles inspired Mark to start more than a dozen successful businesses. But when his business success didn’t transfer to his family life, Mark and his wife Ann got intentional about applying those time-tested Ziglar principles to leading and growing a successful, blended family with six children. Today as CEO of Ziglar Family, Mark passionately shares the Ziglar principles that have worked so well for his family to empower millions of other families around the world. Ziglar principles have guided Mark to significant achievements, from becoming a national FFA officer as a teen, to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur and starting more than 12 businesses.  He has spoken professionally for over 25 years, giving thousands of speeches to over one million people in 48 states. But his highest priority is to keep his family as the most important thing. Together with his wife, Ann, he is proud to parent six of the coolest kids on the planet — three boys (Markus, Kavyn, Zachary) and three girls (Mary, Cassandra & Grace). They live near Indianapolis, Indiana. When not helping families in the Thrive community, Mark enjoys flying airplanes, traveling with his family, and engaging in fun outdoor activities with his kids.

Show Highlights:

Watch Rory talking Southwestern Consulting with Zig Ziglar – Click Here!

You already know to be successful at home if you are successful somewhere else. @themarktimm

So many families don’t have a target they’re aiming for, they’re just in survival mode. @themarktimm

The greatest change happens at the dinner table. @themarktimm

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” – Mother Teresa

When you’re together, don’t miss the opportunity to talk about something meaningful. @themarktimm

If we teach our kids to think, that sets them up for success. @themarktimm

Your job is not to raise a good kid, it’s to raise a good adult. @themarktimm

5 Ideas for running your business like a family:

  • Give special attention to new team members
  • Celebrate Milestones and achievements
  • Provide for them and keep them safe
  • Train and develop your people
  • Care about them because they are yours; not because of what they can do for you.


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5 Signs You Know The Underdog Might Win


March Madness is upon us. The most exciting time of the year for college basketball and my favorite sporting event.

It’s my favorite because I love the underdog.

I always cheer for the underdog.

I love to see an upset.

I love to see someone defy the odds and make their dreams come true.

Don’t you?

Normally I don’t make the time to watch all the games but with a 1-week old newborn who wakes up every hour, wants to be held if he’s going to fall asleep, and still has his nights and his days switched around, I’ve had an unusual chance to keep up with what’s going on with the NCAA tournament since it’s on in the background.

And I’ve been reminded of what it takes for an underdog to win.

It’s not a lucky burst of unlikely scoring. It’s not the emergence of unsung talent that suddenly shines. It’s not a barrage of trick plays that no one has ever seen before.

Quite the contrary, you know there is a chance the underdog might win when you see these 5 things.

1. They make their free throws – They take advantage of the easy opportunities that are given to them.

2. They don’t turn the ball over – They protect themselves from making costly mistakes.

3. They rebound the basketball – They do the hard work of out scrapping their opponents.

4. They play consistent defense – No matter the score they keep their composure and don’t let themselves unravel

5. They move the ball on offense – They play like a team, pass the ball and are patient to take good shots.

In other words, what it takes to pull off an upset…

What it takes to win as an underdog…

What it takes to accomplish what no one would ever think possible for you…

Is to be brilliant at the basics.

To be a master of executing the fundamentals.

To be disciplined under the most extreme circumstances.

If you do those things, then anyone has a chance to win.

Maybe we all have something to learn from watching the underdog.

Why Debt Free Salespeople Sell More

A premise of servant selling is that you will create more sales with less pressure.

The goal is not to talk people into things they don’t want but to bend over backwards to help them decide what is really best for them.

A powerful servant salesperson is one who is not afraid of a no if it’s the right decision for their prospect. But they are also confident enough to tell the prospect directly that they should buy something when it is the right decision.

The dilemma then in any sale is only a matter of trust. It is a question of how much stock the prospect can put into what is being told to them by the salesperson. Which is why a servant salesperson is more interested in earning someone’s trust than they are in winning a sale.

Winning a sale is short term and might earn one commission. But winning a persons trust is long term and will create multiple sales.

So if the prospect trusts that the salesperson has their best interest in mind then they will likely heed their advice to make a decision to move forward when the servant tells them to.

And the best way for someone to know and trust that a salesperson isn’t telling them a load of junk just because they need the commission is when…they truly DON’T need the commission!

I have heard of “legendary” sales trainers who taught sales managers to get their sales people in debt because it made their salespeople more “motivated” to keep working to make sales to then pay off their new debt. That is disgusting, filthy, dishonorable, trash.

To encourage and help someone get into debt is not to help them but to make them a prisoner. And it’s no wonder we have unethical salespeople if they are simply modeling behaviors incentivized by unethical sales managers.

The only thing more debt motivates a person to do is operate more in their own self interest. It causes them to be more likely to SELL rather than to SERVE.

Our vision is different. We see a world of salespeople who are debt free that can truly stand in a place of service for their clients without the pressuring conflict of feeling like they need to make a sale to provide for their own security or for their own family. We believe in an army of salespeople who are selling not because they need the money but because they truly believe in what they are selling. It’s a class of individuals who do not have the dilemma of serving their own self interest at the expense of their clients.

If I don’t need your money then there is a higher likelihood that I can tell you my honest opinion. And if you know it’s my honest opinion then you are much more likely to trust me when I tell you to do it.

Being debt free is not a requirement of being a servant salesperson but being on the journey towards that destination is one more way you can faithfully demonstrate to your prospects that you are truly there to serve and not just to sell.

Fight for what is right not who is right

One of my mentors CEO of Southwestern Great American Inc., Henry Bedford, is the first person I ever heard say “fight for what is right not who is right.”

Fighting for who is right is about satisfying my ego

Fighting for who is right is about making sure that we win and someone else loses

Fighting for who is right is about us being right and someone else being wrong

Fighting for who is right is charged with emotions connected from several unrelated issues

Fighting for who is right is about individuals


Fighting for what is right is about deciding which principles guide the conversation

Fighting for what is right is about helping determine what is the fair thing to do

Fighting for what is right is about allowing the facts to dictate the course of action

Fighting for what is right is about trusting those around you to do the same

Fighting for what is right is about the team.

What are you fighting for today?


The water of the ocean is relentless.

Ignored and unnoticed most of the time by most of the world, it washes up against rocks, and bolders, and mountains in a slow and steady wave.

Yet over the course of time the waves will eventually wash away and reduce whatever it is they touch.

The water is less powerful. The water is much smaller. The water isn’t as forceful.

But the water is consistent.

And because it’s consistent it overcomes.

30 Days of Discipline – Not B.A.D.D. Contest for a Free iPad® Mini!

Struggling with self-discipline is universal. Our recent study proved that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your ethnicity is, how much money you make, where you live, what your education level is, or whether or not you have kids – we all struggle with self-discipline.

We also know that most people (51%) set specific resolutions and want to improve their lives but as time goes on they believe less and less that they ever will (71% of 18-34 year olds set goals but only 43% of people 35 and up do).

With 65% of people admitting defeat in the first 30 days of making their resolutions and 18% giving up on a resolution within 24 hours, all this evidence points to one thing…

We are quick to lose hope.

Amidst all of the discouragement and heartbreak of setting goals though, there is a resoundingly clear finding that can provide refuge to all of us:

76% of people who followed through on a resolution for 30 days are STILL

following through on that resolution 1 year later!

That is significant because that means that if you can just tough it out for 1 month, you are 3x more likely to have that change be permanent in your life! So here is the question…

If you knew for sure that making one change in your life for the next 30 days would guarantee that it would stay that way forever – could you do it?

I hope you would think “yes”. You can do anything for 30 days. 30 days is nothing. 30 days fly by. Think about where you were 30 days ago… doesn’t it seem like time has flown by fast since then? Not to mention that if you are asleep approximately 1/3 of that time then that’s really more like 22 days.

If you knew you could fix your marriage forever by making some sacrifices for the next 30 days…

If you knew you could get yourself into a physical condition that you’d be proud of by paying the price for 30 days…

If you knew that changing your spending habits for 1 month would radically alter your financial future…

If you were sure that letting go of that 1 temptation for 30 days would likely mean it would leave your heart forever…

Would you do it?

I believe that you would and that you can and I want to help you by introducing you to an actual system that I use in my life every day.

Enter “The Not B.A.D.D. system”.

Anytime I’m looking to make a big change in my life I create a simple 5-point system of controllable activities to track each and every day. Being that weight and physical health is the number one change that people want to make, let’s talk in detail about my 5-point system for staying physically fit.

Each day I start off with 5 points. The goal on any given day is to keep as many of the 5 points as possible. Here is how my “Not B.A.D.D.” point system works:

–       B. Keep 1 point for not eating any bread items in a day (this includes chips, pretzels or any heavy white carbs)

–       A. Keep 1 point for not drinking any alcohol in a day (this also includes any carbonated beverages)

–       D. Keep 1 point for not eating dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.)

–       D. Keep 1 point for not eating dessert.

–       Lastly, I keep 1 additional point for working out at least 15 minutes per day (I typically do 500 sit-ups in the morning, pull-ups and/or pushups)

I’m not a registered nurse, dietician, doctor or Tony Horton, but I am someone who used to be 45 pounds heavier than I am right now and I’ve kept that weight off for 7 years of my life. For the vast majority of people – this system works!

I don’t care about the thing you read in a book about how a bit of red wine, and “cheat days” are good for you and don’t tell me how “milk does a body good”. And although I rarely get all 5 points in any given day, this is a system that works despite the fact that I travel on the road 175 days a year doing more than 80 speaking engagements.

I’m confident that the simplicity of this system will also work for you. More than anything though, I’m not promoting that this diet is the key; what is the key is latching onto any good system, tracking your progress daily and not letting go of it for at least 30 days.

The magic is in the commitment to 30 days. Do it for 30 days and you’ll find that your appetites begin to change, and what was once a struggle to get yourself to do later becomes the very thing your body craves. And what was once such a powerful indulgence for you later won’t even be much of a temptation.

Discipline is not as hard as you think when you know how to think about it the right way. And living with #dailydiscipline for the next 30 Days could just change the rest of your life.

To help encourage you to make a change in your life for the next #30Days, I’m going to be reporting my “Not B.A.D.D points” each day on my Facebook page and I’m inviting you to play along with me. As an extra incentive I’m also giving away cash and an iPad® mini!

Here’s how it works:

For each day you go to our Facebook page and post the number of (Not B.A.D.D.) points you scored that day, your name will be entered into a drawing to win cash or the grand prize of an iPad Mini!

At the end of every week, we’ll do a drawing of all the people who posted points for that week (maximum of 1 entry for each day you posted – 7 total possible entries per week) and one person will win a $50 Visa Gift Card each week!

Then for the grand prize at the end of the month, we’ll do a drawing of all the people who posted at least one entry over the course of the whole month (maximum of 30 total possible entries) and the winner of that drawing will take home a brand new 16 GB iPad® mini!

It doesn’t matter how many points you score each day, all that matters is the number of days you report your score on our Facebook page. The more days you post; the more chances you have to win!

Check out our Facebook page for official rules, details and to enter! Best to you in your next 30 Days of Discipline!

Enter the contest here!