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6 Characteristics of a Great Life Purpose Statement


People often struggle with articulating their life’s purpose.

A single unifying statement that helps clarify for them what they want their life to have counted for at the end of their days.

In a recent podcast interview with one of my business partners at Southwestern Consulting, Steve Reiner, he and our coaching client were talking through the process they used to help our client identify his purpose.

It’s become one of Steve’s specialties and he laid out 6 characteristics of what make a great life purpose statement that I thought were fantastic:

1. Useful – It should talk about your relationship with other people. Specifically it should address how you will serve and help others beyond just yourself.

2. Universal – It should apply to every area of your life and it should set a mode of operating for you that carries over into both your personal and professional life.

3. Aspirational – It should speak to the person you want to become and the impact you want to have. Almost as if it were a projection of your future self.

4. Formidable – It should be a challenge to achieve and be something that will require you to work and operate at your very best levels.

5. Controllable – It should be something in your power and that relies on you. For example you can’t have a life purpose to make someone happy because that is outside your control. You could say to dedicate your life to providing certain things for someone.

6. Inspirational – It should be something that when you read it, it breathes life into you and causes you to feel compelled to take immediate action.

If you’re interested in learning more about our coaching process and how we might work with you one on one to create your life purpose statement click here.

Finding Your Life Purpose with Steve Reiner and Tom Merritt – Episode 187 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

Tom Merritt is a branch manager at Summit Funding, Inc. As a privately owned residential mortgage company operating across the country, their customers enjoy the benefits of working with a mortgage banker that is powerful enough to be a direct endorsed seller/servicer with GNMA & FNMA. This means they process, underwrite, fund, and service your loans – all in house. This enables Summit to speed up the lending process in a more make sense process so our customers close on-time!

Steve Reiner is an expert at helping people remove the emotional hurdles that prevent them from excelling in business and in life. Having personally delivered over 2,500 1:1 sales and leadership consulting calls, he understands how to get the most out of his clients, helping them to break personal belief barriers and achieve their maximum potential. Steve begins this life-changing journey with his clients by helping them to identify their purpose, crystallize their vision and reinforce their desired behavior change with the right self-talk. As an author of the upcoming book Fearless Selling, Steve will equip you to pursue your goals with greater joy, resolve, and effectiveness.

Show Highlights:

  • When you understand the why, you figure out the how. – Steve Reiner
  • Purpose is your mission for how you invest your life. – Steve Reiner
  • Purpose is bigger than the obstacle. – Steve Reiner
  • Purpose is the person you want to be and the impact you want to have. – Steve Reiner
  • The more you focus on results, the fewer results you get. – Steve Reiner
  • When you focus on purpose, results are the byproduct.
  • The biggest reason we have anxiety is due to trying to control things we can’t. – Steve Reiner
  • Your purpose must be grounded in service. – Steve Reiner
  • In the clarity of your purpose is the absence of your fear. @rory_vaden
  • 5 characteristics of a great purpose. @rory_vaden
  • A great purpose is useful. @rory_vaden
  • A great purpose is universal. @rory_vaden
  • A great purpose is Aspirational. @rory_vaden
  • A great purpose is formidable. @rory_vaden
  • A great purpose is controllable. @rory_vaden

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Southwestern Consulting Servant Selling Top Producer Sales Coaches Special Edition, Rory Vaden Show Episode 77

Southwestern Consulting logo
If you’ve been listening to the show for any time at all you know that I love talking to practitioners and not just preachers. This week I interview 3 of our top producing salespeople and coaches from Southwestern Consulting sales coaching program. In this special edition our very own Steve Reiner, Jay Jones, and Kitty Barrow all share insights with me on how they pushed  themselves past their own roadblocks to become top producers, a success story of one of their coaching clients who had a big transformation, and their favorite business development idea that they’ve seen work for our coaching clients in 2014! It’s insightful and inspirational for sure. To request a free call with one of our coaches click here.


Interview Highlights
• Hear from 3 of our @SW_Consulting top producers (@JayJonesSWC, @KittyBarrow_SWC & Steve Reiner) on this week’s podcast!
• The moment I decided that I deserved to be successful was the moment I actually started becoming successful. – Steve Reiner
@JayJonesSWC shares 1 idea that a real estate agent used to triple generate dozens of referrals from every client
• Steve Reiner and I talk about pushing past call reluctance, overcoming fear, and developing self-confidence.
• Listen to @JayJonesSWC share how one of his mortgage coaching clients quadrupled her production in 1 year.
• This week’s podcast is a special edition! Meet and learn from our company’s @SW_Consulting 3 top producers!
• Having Faith in difficult circumstances has been the most powerful lesson I’ve learned from my clients in 2014. – Steve Reiner
@KittyBarrow_SWC and I unpack why it is that the top income earners are almost always the most coachable
• I can always tell someone is an average producer when they are looking for “something advanced”. – @KittyBarrow_SWC
• I can always tell someone is a top producer when they enjoy re-learning the basics. – @KittyBarrow_SWC
• If there is 1 reason I’ve always been in the top 1% of my profession it’s this: I’m ultimately and extremely coachable. – @KittyBarrow_SWC
• Meet some of my business partners on this week’s podcast! @JayJonesSWC, @KittyBarrow_SWC and Steve Reiner!
@JayJonesSWC shares his honest story about how affirmations transformed him into a top producer
@SW_Consulting our coaches are real life practitioners of what they preach! Meet 3 of them here!
The Rory Vaden show is a weekly podcast that Rory hosts every Wednesday, which is regularly in the Top 25 of Business News Podcasts and has listeners from all around the world. The show shares “insights and inspiration for movers and shakers in the world of business”™. Each week Rory shares ideas on how to increase your self-discipline and make better use of your time to help you achieve your goals in life. He also interviews one very special expert guest and thought leader every week. Subscribe on iTunes and please leave a rating and review!