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A First Step of Solving Almost Every Problem

A First Step of Solving Almost Every Problem

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle with solving problems is because they often overlook this critical first step.

Because no matter what the problem is or what the circumstance, you’re best hope for solving it almost always requires the exact same beginning.

You have to take ownership of the problem.

You have to internalize responsibility for your problem.

You have to resolve that regardless of how the problem came to be, it’s both your duty and your ability to find the solution.

It’s not something that you rely on someone else or something else to solve.

Because until you own your problem you can’t own your solution.

When you encounter a problem that you believe is the result of something outside yourself, then you will never be able to have power over that problem.

It is something that is happening to you of which you are just a bystander and a spectator.

By definition, its outside your control.

But when you own your problem, when you take responsibility for its existence, and when you decide that you’re in charge of fixing it, things start to change.

You stop viewing it as something that is occurring to you and you start viewing it as something you can maneuver.

You stop experiencing it and you start influencing it.

You stop being affected by it and you start affecting it.

Once you own your problem, you create the opportunity to find the solution.

Because if it happened to you through no fault of your own, then you are just an unfortunate victim of circumstances that are beyond your control.

But If you decide that you played some part in creating it, and you own it as your fault, then you can play the lead role in solving it.

And even if you didn’t create the problem. Even if the problem did result from something outside your control. You can still do something about it.

There are always things within your control that you can do. So do those things and never let any problem be an excuse for why you don’t focus on what is in your control.

While you can’t always control whether or not problems show up, you can always control how you respond to them and what you do about them.

One way or another, your life is your fault.

So own the problem.

Then own the solution.

The 1 Thing You Must Do before You Can Change Your Life

change your life
“I want to change my life.”

It’s a powerful thought to have.

It’s an important thought to have.

It’s a thought that causes you to continue to get better and to grow in the direction of what you’re called to do and who you’re called to be.

But whether the change you’re looking to make is to grow your business, start a new business,  improve your physical appearance, make more money, have more time, deepen some relationship, grow spiritually, or anything else, there is one step that must happen first.

And your life change will never be possible if this step doesn’t happen first…

You have to take responsibility for where you are and where you’re going.

You have to own it before you can change it.

You have to be in charge of it before you can improve it.

You have to accept it before you can update it.

You are responsible for your life.

Your life is your fault.

We all have different starting points, and there are things that happen to us that are outside of our control, but after that, it’s your choices that are the cause of your results.

It’s your choices that determine where you are in life.

It’s your choices that have led you to here.

And it’s your choices that will determine where you end up.

And until you own that…

Until you believe that…

Until you finally raise your hand and say “my life is my fault,”

Then you can’t do anything to change it.

Because if your life isn’t your fault, then that means that both where you are and where you’re going is all a matter of luck and circumstance and other people’s decisions.

And if the results of your life are all a matter of luck, circumstances, and other people’s decisions, then that means you have no authority to influence your own future.

But you do have the authority to influence your own future.

You do have the power to write the next part of your story.

You do have the opportunity to do things differently and make a change if you own it first.

If you accept it.

If you take accountability for it.

If you decide that you’re responsible for where you’re at so far and for where you’ll be next.

You can make choices.

You can take actions.

You change behaviors today that give you a different life tomorrow.

Strategic Procrastination

Many of us are pressed by a need to complete everything that comes into our world that is an activity that is potentially worth completing. It’s often an overwhelming pressure that we put on ourselves to try and implement every new idea, attend every party we’re invited to, volunteer every time we’re asked, and answer every single email in our inbox.

Yet the vast majority of activities that we could do actually will forward our progress toward the handful of goals that truly matter to us in our lives.

What if you gave yourself the permission to put off the things that were insignificant and irrelevant to the critical priorities in your life? What if you gave yourself the permission to say no?

I will never invite you to put off doing the things you know you should be doing related to getting to what you want in life – ­that’s called being scared. But I am inviting you to stop doing all of the things that don’t matter – I call it Strategic Procrastination.

The Commitment Conundrum

By Rory Vaden

Dear _____,

You aren’t doing yourself any favors by breaking your commitment. You have rationalizations and justifications for why it’s okay, sure, but none of them are the honest truth about why you are going back on your word.

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