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Generating Infinite Referrals using LinkedIn with John Nemo – Episode 174 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


John Nemo is a #1 Bestselling LinkedIn Author & Trainer. Since 2012, he has helped hundreds of Business Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Sales Executives and other professionals across more than 50 different industries leverage LinkedIn to generate nonstop sales leads, clients and revenue. He’s personally rewritten the LinkedIn profiles of Chris Brogan, John Lee Dumas, Bob Burg, Jairek Robbins and many others, and also guest blogs regularly for Inc. Magazine, American City Business Journals and others on all things LinkedIn.

Show Highlights:

  • LinkedIn is the electronic version of your assistant. @JohnNemoPR
  • LinkedIn is a virtual assistant that helps you do 1-on-1 personalized marketing. @JohnNemoPR
  • People on LinkedIn are in “work mode” and are ready to do business. @JohnNemoPR
  • You can pick up conversation icebreakers just by looking at someone’s LinkedIn profile. @JohnNemoPR
  • LinkedIn is an efficient way to do marketing to your exact target market. @JohnNemoPR
  • The mistake over 99% people make on their LinkedIn profile is that it reads like a resume. @JohnNemoPR
  • Create a “client facing profile” by sharing your audience, the services you provide and how you help other achieve their goal. @JohnNemoPR
  • “Your customers and clients don’t care about you; they care about themselves.”  #DaleCarnegie
  • With LinkedIn, the riches are in the niches. @JohnNemoPR
  • Get them off of LinkedIn and onto your website so you aren’t relying on LinkedIn to do all your CRM. @JohnNemoPR
  • To be successful on LinkedIn, you want to accept every invite from anyone coming in. @JohnNemoPR
  • The more people you are connected to on LinkedIn, the bigger your platform. @JohnNemoPR
  • Pay attention to the people who are paying attention to you. @JohnNemoPR
  • The magic of LinkedIn is within the analytics. @JohnNemoPR
  • Google helps you find companies, but LinkedIn helps you find the people within that company. @rory_vaden
  • There are people out there that need your service more than you need them to buy. @rory_vaden

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Double Your Referrals

If you are in a sales or prospecting slump, chances are it’s not because you’re bad at your job or that you’re working for the wrong company or that there is some problem with your product or your territory…

On the contrary, my guess is that it is because you don’t have enough referrals.

Nothing evaporates call reluctance and turns around sales momentum like gathering a bunch of referrals. But if you don’t have them it’s probably because you either have a fear of asking (addressed here) or because there are some technical mistakes you are making when you do ask.

Make these 2 servant selling quick changes to your technique and you’ll likely double your referrals:

  1. Ask for Introductions Not Referrals – At Southwestern Consulting™ we’ve found that using the actual word “referral” when asking for them tends to create pressure. From the salesperson’s point of view, gathering a “referral” seems like a steep and difficult task because psychologically there is something weird about it that almost makes us feel like we’re asking a customer to put one of their friends in harms way. Of course that is not the case, but for some reason that is psychologically what it likens itself to, especially for those of us who have not yet mastered this skill of asking. And from your customer’s point of view asking them to give you a referral creates pressure on them because they want to do a good job for you by giving you someone who might be a legitimate prospect but they also don’t want to upset one of their friends by passing along their name.So instead of saying “who can you refer me to?” try asking “Is there anyone you’d be willing to introduce me to?” This is more than just semantics. It’s a paradigm shift from thinking about pushing your customers in to creating selling situations for you, to instead simply asking your friends to introduce you to other friends. Focus on making more friends first; figure out if they’re a prospect later.
  1. Ask by Demographics Not Psychographics – The other mistake we see a lot of salespeople make is they ask one person (their customer) to speak to the interest level of another person. They (basically) say “who do you know that might be interested in ____________ (ie. what I’m selling)?” But it’s not only near impossible for me to speak to another person’s potential interest level (psychographic) in your product; it also creates more pressure on me as your customer. Unless they have specifically mentioned it to me, I have no idea if my best friend is interested in buying a house, getting a loan, looking to protect their family with insurance, wanting to invest for retirement, looking to book a keynote speaker, in the market for a coach, or wanting to buy any other product or service. I’m not qualified to speak to what they are interested in buying, so don’t bother asking me!However if you ask me, “do you keep in contact with any of your friends from college?” then I might be able to tell you some people who are in my same life stage meaning they may be a fit for what service you offer.  Or if you say, “do you happen to have any friends who just had a baby?” then I can probably drum up a few specific names of people who now have a reason for life insurance.

    I can’t tell you if they’re interested and it creates pressure on me when you ask. I can however happily (and pressure-free) introduce you to friends of mine that meet certain specific demographics that may be of interest to you and you can call them and determine if their interested in your service. How’s that?

    If I asked you “do you know anyone looking to hire a keynote speaker for x fee?” you probably don’t know a single person because you and your friends probably don’t talk about that on the weekend. But if I ask, “do you happen to know anyone who is an executive for a company or association that puts on large annual events?” you probably have a few names come to mind. And then I can simply say, “would you be up for introducing them to me?” Done.

Similarly, our coaches are always looking to be introduced to anyone who is “a sales manager”, of “3 or more commission based salespeople”, “within a 2 hour radius” of where they live. Those are 3 demographics. That’s because we do free workshops for sales managers. We don’t ask “who do you know that wants to buy coaching?” That would be psychographic. Figure out what the demographics are of your perfect clients and ask for those.

Wouldn’t your confidence be increased right now if you had 50 fresh and hot referrals sitting on your desk? Then, why don’t you stop focusing on trying to make sales and start focusing on gathering a bunch of referrals (or shall we say “introductions”) as fast as possible!

Remember, Servant Selling is based on the premise that you create more sales with less pressure.

So, rather than putting pressure on yourself by thinking that everyone you talk to needs to buy and hopefully a few of them give you referrals…

Instead take the pressure off of yourself and your prospects by thinking that everyone you talk to should give you introductions and hopefully a few of them will buy.