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The Determinant of One’s Happiness

The Determinant of One's Happiness

One of the most empowering and sometimes simultaneously destructive truths is that you always find what you’re looking for.

If you look for the positive in a person, an event, a scenario or a situation, then you will find something positive.

If you look for the negative in a person, an event, a scenario or a situation, then you will find something negative.

Which suggests that it matters much less what is, and matters much more what you think about what is.

You then, are the author of your own life.

You are the creator of your own happiness or unhappiness.

Your positivity or negativity is completely your own fault.

What we need to train ourselves to do then is not to spend so much time looking for a better situation, thinking that there is an easier way, or wishing some person was different.

Instead, we need to train ourselves to see the positive in whatever it is we are looking at.

We need to focus on looking for the positive in each scenario.

We need to be intentional about finding the good in every circumstance.

And we need to be deliberate about seeing the best in other people.

We need to notice what is right with the world and what is right with the people in our world.

Because it is a peculiar truth of the human mind that we often care less about accuracy and more about just proving ourselves right.

So whatever we decide to be true about ourselves, our friends, our jobs, and our circumstances is what our brain will seek to validate as right.

Our brain typically searches for and recognizes only the information that supports its original premise.

So be careful.

Be careful what you choose.

Because whether you choose to see the positive or the negative is what is likely to actually become true for your life and be the determinant of your happiness.

10 Daily Habits That will Change your Life

What is success?


Here are 10 things that I do almost every single day that tremendously impact my life:

1.  Think of all the things I’m thankful for as the very first thought in my mind when I wake up.
2.  Read at least 1 passage from the Bible before I read anything else.
3.  Read my list of affirmations.
4.  Tell my wife I love her.
5.  Read inspirational material. This can be books, blogs, articles or even certain people on Twitter or Instagram.
6.  Weigh myself on a scale.
7.  Take my vitamins.
8.  Do a minimum of 15 minutes of something physical (can be as simple as sit-ups and push ups).
9.  Recognize at least one person in my life for something small they do that makes me really appreciate them.
10. Fall asleep at night visualizing what things I want in my life in the future.

What are your best daily habits?