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Winning At Home Like You Win At Work with Mark Timm – Episode 194 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


When Ziglar Family CEO, Mark Timm, heard Zig Ziglar speak for the first time almost 3 decades ago, it changed his life direction. Mr. Ziglar’s timeless principles inspired Mark to start more than a dozen successful businesses. But when his business success didn’t transfer to his family life, Mark and his wife Ann got intentional about applying those time-tested Ziglar principles to leading and growing a successful, blended family with six children. Today as CEO of Ziglar Family, Mark passionately shares the Ziglar principles that have worked so well for his family to empower millions of other families around the world. Ziglar principles have guided Mark to significant achievements, from becoming a national FFA officer as a teen, to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur and starting more than 12 businesses.  He has spoken professionally for over 25 years, giving thousands of speeches to over one million people in 48 states. But his highest priority is to keep his family as the most important thing. Together with his wife, Ann, he is proud to parent six of the coolest kids on the planet — three boys (Markus, Kavyn, Zachary) and three girls (Mary, Cassandra & Grace). They live near Indianapolis, Indiana. When not helping families in the Thrive community, Mark enjoys flying airplanes, traveling with his family, and engaging in fun outdoor activities with his kids.

Show Highlights:

Watch Rory talking Southwestern Consulting with Zig Ziglar – Click Here!

You already know to be successful at home if you are successful somewhere else. @themarktimm

So many families don’t have a target they’re aiming for, they’re just in survival mode. @themarktimm

The greatest change happens at the dinner table. @themarktimm

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” – Mother Teresa

When you’re together, don’t miss the opportunity to talk about something meaningful. @themarktimm

If we teach our kids to think, that sets them up for success. @themarktimm

Your job is not to raise a good kid, it’s to raise a good adult. @themarktimm

5 Ideas for running your business like a family:

  • Give special attention to new team members
  • Celebrate Milestones and achievements
  • Provide for them and keep them safe
  • Train and develop your people
  • Care about them because they are yours; not because of what they can do for you.


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