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Generating Infinite Referrals using LinkedIn with John Nemo – Episode 174 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


John Nemo is a #1 Bestselling LinkedIn Author & Trainer. Since 2012, he has helped hundreds of Business Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Sales Executives and other professionals across more than 50 different industries leverage LinkedIn to generate nonstop sales leads, clients and revenue. He’s personally rewritten the LinkedIn profiles of Chris Brogan, John Lee Dumas, Bob Burg, Jairek Robbins and many others, and also guest blogs regularly for Inc. Magazine, American City Business Journals and others on all things LinkedIn.

Show Highlights:

  • LinkedIn is the electronic version of your assistant. @JohnNemoPR
  • LinkedIn is a virtual assistant that helps you do 1-on-1 personalized marketing. @JohnNemoPR
  • People on LinkedIn are in “work mode” and are ready to do business. @JohnNemoPR
  • You can pick up conversation icebreakers just by looking at someone’s LinkedIn profile. @JohnNemoPR
  • LinkedIn is an efficient way to do marketing to your exact target market. @JohnNemoPR
  • The mistake over 99% people make on their LinkedIn profile is that it reads like a resume. @JohnNemoPR
  • Create a “client facing profile” by sharing your audience, the services you provide and how you help other achieve their goal. @JohnNemoPR
  • “Your customers and clients don’t care about you; they care about themselves.”  #DaleCarnegie
  • With LinkedIn, the riches are in the niches. @JohnNemoPR
  • Get them off of LinkedIn and onto your website so you aren’t relying on LinkedIn to do all your CRM. @JohnNemoPR
  • To be successful on LinkedIn, you want to accept every invite from anyone coming in. @JohnNemoPR
  • The more people you are connected to on LinkedIn, the bigger your platform. @JohnNemoPR
  • Pay attention to the people who are paying attention to you. @JohnNemoPR
  • The magic of LinkedIn is within the analytics. @JohnNemoPR
  • Google helps you find companies, but LinkedIn helps you find the people within that company. @rory_vaden
  • There are people out there that need your service more than you need them to buy. @rory_vaden

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Are you multi-medium?

Yes, I said multi-medium; not multi-media. More than ever before the public digests media in so many different ways. Email, snail mail, voice mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, websites, ezines, YouTube, text messages, faxes (rare but you still find them occasionally – okay only in museums I suppose), phones, face-to-face, webx, etc.

What I’ve noticed is that in true escalator mentality most of us communicate out to our customers/audience in the medium that we prefer to be communicated to. I.E. grandparents call their grandkids on the phone and can’t figure out why they can’t get a response but if they sent them a text they’d most likely hear right back.

Perhaps the same thing is happening in your business or family? Maybe you’re communicating out in your preferred method but not receiving response back because the people you’re talking to use a different tool. The key is to offer your information, advice, or services in many different mediums so as to maximize the number of people you reach.

Convenience breeds entitlement and entitlement breeds apathy. Most of us are so spoiled in being able to digest media in whatever form that we want that if it’s not served up to us on a silver platter in perfectly bite-sized chunks per our preferred platform, we won’t consume it. We have to give our information to people the way they want it and they tell us that; not the experts.

I’ve heard people say “direct mail is dead” and yet I see coaching clients who get more and more response from direct mail because fewer and fewer people are doing it. It seems the key is to communicate with people NOT the way you want to be communicated to but instead communicating with them the way THEY want to be communicated to.

See you in the stairwell,

Rory Vaden
Take the Stairs – Success means doing things you don’t want to do

Selling with Social Media – 04 Hunt and Peck Technique

Hunt and Peck – This LinkedIn technique shows you how to leverage your LinkedIn network to get endless referrals for any type of business. It specifically demonstrates how LinkedIn is just a modern day “virtual rolodex” that can be mined for new relationships 24/7. It completely eliminates all the standard objections that we receive when we ask for referrals such as “I need to think about it,” “do you have a card where I can get back to you?” or “I can’t think of anyone.” The hunt and peck technique is one of the fastest ways to get ROI from your time spent utilizing social media.

Rory Vaden MBA is a self-discipline strategist, author, and motivational speaker. He is known world-wide for his resonating “Take the Stairs” message of self-discipline. With so many people wondering if social media is the next “escalator” to success, Rory has gotten intimately involved with what social media can and can’t do. This video segment is one of 25 lessons from his brand new 3-disc resource called Next Generation Marketing: Selling Products, Services, and Ideas with Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day. Find out more about the product here:

8 Business Reasons Why to Use Social Media

why to use social media

You’ve heard everyone talking about it. You’ve probably been invited via e-mail to “join my network,” “be my friend,” or “follow me.” Social media seems like it’s everywhere. And guess what? It is. Over 200 million people are on Facebook (including fastest growing demographic age 35-55 with age 75-90 also soaring), 45 million active people on LinkedIn (51% are business decision makers, average household income of $109k), and over 8 million people are on Twitter. Which means the social media epidemic seems to be spreading faster than cell phone or e-mail use when those tools first arrived on the scene.

By this time maybe you’ve even joined a few of these networks and are beginning to play around with them to see what they’re like. And while undoubtedly you’ve figured out that they can be a great way to have fun and one more thing to spend time on, the question you and your company are probably asking is:

“Can these tools really help my business?”

Over the last several months I’ve spent a substantial amount of time learning about the ins and outs of effective strategies for social media.

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