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The story of Southwestern Consulting – My Business Partner Dustin Hillis Featured on the EO Fire Podcast

Dustin Hillis  and I met when we were in college through the Southwestern Advantage door to door summer work program.

Dustin broke the all-time sales record in the company’s 160 year history making $100,000 in one summer. The year prior was the year I broke the company’s recruiting and team building production record.


This past week I was so honored to see Dustin be interviewed and featured on one of my other good friends, John Lee Dumas’ podcast. The Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas gets millions of downloads every month, has featured some of the most recognized thought leaders in the world, and is widely regarded as one of the best business podcasts in the world.

Click here to listen to Dustin’s interview with John.

Productivity and How to Say No with John Lee Dumas – Episode 178 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EOFire, an award winning Podcast where he chats with today’s most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. With over 1400 interviews to date and multi-millions a year in net revenue, JLD has shown how delivering free, valuable, and consistent content can create a successful business and impact the world!

Show Highlights:

  • Productivity is producing the RIGHT things on a daily basis. @johnleedumas
  • What is productive to you may not be productive to someone else. @johnleedumas
  • Self-evaluation is necessary to know what productivity looks like for you. @johnleedumas
  • Discipline is setting up plan and executing step by step. @johnleedumas
  • To be disciplined, you have to be a disciple of your day. @johnleedumas
  • I want to spend the best parts of my day producing the content that matters. @johnleedumas
  • We are human all going to shift and slide so we need an anchor like the mastery journal. @johnleedumas
  • Pencils of promise’s mission is to give the gift of education to those less fortunate. @johnleedumas
  • When you feel overwhelmed by something you have to break it down to the first, most actionable thing. @rory_vaden
  • Rory shares 5 Indicators you should say no to something.
  • If something drains you – say no or replace it with something that is life-giving. @rory_vaden
  • If you’re not good at something – say no to it. @rory_vaden
  • There is always someone out there that loves to do the thing that you don’t. @rory_vaden
  • Say no to anything that does not align with your goals. @rory_vaden
  • You multiple time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that create more time tomorrow. @rory_vaden
  • You’re always battling what feels good in the short term to create good in the long term. @rory_vaden
  • Any time you say yes to something you are simultaneously saying no to an infinite number of other things. @rory_vaden
  • Perfection is achieved not only when nothing can be added but when nothing more can be taken away. – sculptors principle

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The Action Catalyst is a weekly podcast hosted by Rory Vaden of Southwestern Consulting every Wednesday. The show is regularly in the Top 25 of Business News Podcasts, has listeners from all around the world and shares “insights and inspiration to help you take action.” Each week Rory shares ideas on how to increase your self-discipline and make better use of your time to help you achieve your goals in life. He also interviews special expert guests and thought leaders. Subscribe on iTunes and please leave a rating and review!

John Lee Dumas: Hit Your Goal in 100 Days – Episode 126 of the Daily Discipline Podcast

John Lee Dumas – John Lee Dumas is the founder & host of EOFire, a top ranked business Podcast where he interviews today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. EOFire was awarded Best Of iTunes because of his commitment to help guide people on their Entrepreneurial journey by sharing insights from today’s most successful Entrepreneurs.

All in all, EOFire is about inspiring YOU to take YOUR entrepreneurial leap. We know by learning from the failures, the AH-HA moments, and the successes of others, you can begin to craft your dream and take inspired ACTION! EOFire has featured incredible Entrepreneurs such as Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, Brian Tracy, and over 1000 others.

Show Highlights:

  • Successful entrepreneurs know how to set and accomplish goals. @johnleedumas
  • Don’t focus on several goals, focus on the biggest goal and accomplish it. @johnleedumas
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Bound. @johnleedumas
  • Look at your life and see where you are struggling the most. That’s where your goal should start.
  • Find a goal that you can move towards accomplishing every single day until you complete the goal. @johnleedumas
  • The Freedom Journal is a tool to help you accomplish one goal in 100 days. @johnleedumas
  • Everything I do, every single day, is bringing me closer to accomplishing my goal. @johnleedumas
  • What is something you’ve changed your mind about in the last six months? @johnleedumas
  • There is power in great focus. @johnleedumas
  • Priority – that which is in front of all others.
  • At any given moment you can only have one actual priority.
  • If your goal is void of emotion, it will be ineffective. @Rory_Vaden
  • Humans are not just logical creatures we’re emotional. @Rory_Vaden
  • A great goal is one that moves you emotionally. @Rory_Vaden


To learn more about John or to purchase The Freedom Journal, visit Listen to his podcast at

The Daily Discipline show is a weekly podcast that Rory Vaden of Southwestern Consulting™ hosts every Wednesday, which is regularly in the Top 25 of Business News Podcasts and has listeners from all around the world. The show shares “insights and inspiration for movers and shakers in the world of business”™. Each week Rory shares ideas on how to increase your self-discipline and make better use of your time to help you achieve your goals in life. He also interviews one very special expert guest and thought leader every week. Subscribe on iTunes and please leave a rating and review!