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Generating Infinite Referrals using LinkedIn with John Nemo – Episode 174 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


John Nemo is a #1 Bestselling LinkedIn Author & Trainer. Since 2012, he has helped hundreds of Business Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Sales Executives and other professionals across more than 50 different industries leverage LinkedIn to generate nonstop sales leads, clients and revenue. He’s personally rewritten the LinkedIn profiles of Chris Brogan, John Lee Dumas, Bob Burg, Jairek Robbins and many others, and also guest blogs regularly for Inc. Magazine, American City Business Journals and others on all things LinkedIn.

Show Highlights:

  • LinkedIn is the electronic version of your assistant. @JohnNemoPR
  • LinkedIn is a virtual assistant that helps you do 1-on-1 personalized marketing. @JohnNemoPR
  • People on LinkedIn are in “work mode” and are ready to do business. @JohnNemoPR
  • You can pick up conversation icebreakers just by looking at someone’s LinkedIn profile. @JohnNemoPR
  • LinkedIn is an efficient way to do marketing to your exact target market. @JohnNemoPR
  • The mistake over 99% people make on their LinkedIn profile is that it reads like a resume. @JohnNemoPR
  • Create a “client facing profile” by sharing your audience, the services you provide and how you help other achieve their goal. @JohnNemoPR
  • “Your customers and clients don’t care about you; they care about themselves.”  #DaleCarnegie
  • With LinkedIn, the riches are in the niches. @JohnNemoPR
  • Get them off of LinkedIn and onto your website so you aren’t relying on LinkedIn to do all your CRM. @JohnNemoPR
  • To be successful on LinkedIn, you want to accept every invite from anyone coming in. @JohnNemoPR
  • The more people you are connected to on LinkedIn, the bigger your platform. @JohnNemoPR
  • Pay attention to the people who are paying attention to you. @JohnNemoPR
  • The magic of LinkedIn is within the analytics. @JohnNemoPR
  • Google helps you find companies, but LinkedIn helps you find the people within that company. @rory_vaden
  • There are people out there that need your service more than you need them to buy. @rory_vaden

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Josh Turner: LinkedIn and Other Online Marketing Secrets – Episode 112 of the Daily Discipline Podcast

Josh TurnerJosh Turner Wide Image has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager.  He is the founder and CEO of LinkedSelling, a LinkedIn marketing agency recognized by many to be one of the leading companies in their space.  His company also operates Linked University, an online training program for LinkedIn marketing and sales resources.

A speaker and thought leader in the areas of entrepreneurship, lead generation, business growth strategies, webinars, and LinkedIn, Josh is also an avid learner and creator. Josh was the CFO of a $23 million construction and manufacturing firm, prior to founding LinkedSelling in 2011.

Since then he has helped thousands of businesses grow via LinkedIn, and now has a team of 14 all based in St. Louis, MO. Josh is also the author of Connect: The Secret LinkedIn Playbook To Generate Leads, Build Relationships, and Dramatically Increase Your Sales.

Show Highlights:

  • Don’t watch what other people are doing online and think that’s the only strategy @JoshBTurner
  • If you take the time to develop relationships online, your response rate will increase, favorably. @JoshBTurner
  • 29% of prospects that are approached from building a relationship first, are more willing to purchase a product @JoshBTurner
  • The best way to connect with people you don’t know on LinkedIn is to send a personal message @JoshBTurner
  • You don’t have to create content, you can curate it. @JoshBTurner
  • Don’t post online content that you want to share, post content that your audience wants to read @JoshBTurner
  • The colder your prospect list is, the more custom your content needs to be for them @Rory_Vaden
  • Be a resource to your prospects. Build a relationship. Don’t ask anything from them until you’ve done this. @JoshBTurner
  • LinkedIn and Facebook are the two most successful platforms to promote a sales funnel on @JoshBTurner
  • Generate awareness using LinkedIn Groups as funnels into your sales funnel @JoshBTurner
  • LinkedIn doesn’t generate sales, it generates leads and relationships. @JoshBTurner
  • No business will outgrow the strength of its systems @Rory_Vaden
  • The three key parts of online marketing can be broken down into content, traffic, and conversion @Rory_Vaden
  • Attention is the currency we are all fighting for, not the dollar anymore @Rory_Vaden
  • You may be Twitter rich, but you’re dollar broke. It’s good for your ego, but not for your wallet @Rory_Vaden
  • Don’t build your audience on rented real estate. Twitter, Facebook, etc. can change the rules at any time. @Rory_Vaden

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The Rory Vaden show is a weekly podcast that Rory hosts every Wednesday, which is regularly in the Top 25 of Business News Podcasts and has listeners from all around the world. The show shares “insights and inspiration for movers and shakers in the world of business”™. Each week Rory shares ideas on how to increase your self-discipline and make better use of your time to help you achieve your goals in life. He also interviews one very special expert guest and thought leader every week. Subscribe on iTunes and please leave a rating and review!