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Facing Entrepreneurial Fears with Christy Wright – Episode 188 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


Christy Wright, both entertaining and inspiring, presents messages that educate and give hope to audiences nationwide. As the creator of Business Boutique and through her podcast and sellout live events, Wright has equipped thousands of women to successfully run and grow a business so they can make money doing what they love. Wright is a Certified Business Coach and Ramsey Personality. Since joining Ramsey Solutions in 2009, she has spoken to audiences across the country at women’s conferences, national business conferences and Fortune 500 companies. Her new book, Business Boutique, releases April 2017.

Show Highlights: 

  • When people know what selling really is, they can sell with confidence. @ChristyBWright
  • When you’re meeting people’s needs and solving their problems, the sale is natural. @ChristyBWright
  • Many people don’t have sales simply because they aren’t asking. @ChristyBWright
  • It’s easy for us to look in the rearview mirror of our life instead of through the windshield. @ChristyBWright
  • The best way to shift guilt is to focus on wherever you are at the moment. @ChristyBWright
  • My mom didn’t teach me persistence, she lived it. @ChristyBWright
  • More is taught than caught. @DaveRamsey
  • You’re not harming your kids by working hard, you’re helping them. @ChristyBWright
  • The number one thing that will hold you back is fear. @ChristyBWright
  • Fear isn’t a sign you’re doing something bad, it’s a sign you’re doing something bold. @ChristyBWright
  • The antidote to fear is action. @ChristyBWright
  • You always take the next affordable step. @TheSharkDaymond

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The Action Catalyst is a weekly podcast hosted by Rory Vaden of Southwestern Consulting every Wednesday. The show is regularly in the Top 25 of Business News Podcasts, has listeners from all around the world and shares “insights and inspiration to help you take action.” Each week Rory shares ideas on how to increase your self-discipline and make better use of your time to help you achieve your goals in life. He also interviews special expert guests and thought leaders. Subscribe on iTunes and please leave a rating and review!

Creating More Margin In Your Life with Christy Wright on the Daily Discipline Podcast with Rory Vaden Episode 60

Christy WrightChristy Wright is one of Dave Ramsey’s official Speaker Personalities. Inspiring and enthusiastic she has educated and entertained thousands across the country at national business conferences, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the country’s top universities. As an experienced Certified Business Coach, Christy is a frequent speaker at Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Master Series and Performance Series events, as well as a contributor to the EntreLeadership podcast. She shares thought-provoking messages on life balance, leadership and goal setting, as well as money management, building a budget and other real world financial topics. Connect with Christy at

Interview Highlights:

· Do you have an “emergency fund” of “time” in your day like you do with $ in savings? @ChristyBWright

· @ChristyBWright and I talk about how to be better at saying “No.”

· Is your schedule overcrowded? @ChristyBWright and I discuss strategies for more margin.

· @ChristyBWright shares strategies for establishing boundaries in your life.

· The key insight to move past your fear of telling people “No” from @ChristyBWright

Other Show Highlights:

· My thoughts on the Ray Rice situation

· Where have all the men gone?

· What does it mean to be a man?

· Be a man. Be someone that is worth being admired.

· Men cherish their wives; they don’t hit them.

· Men own up to their mistakes; they don’t dodge them.

· Men are faithful to their women; they don’t allow temptation.

· I explain my daily morning routine and rituals.

· The battle for your mind begins the first moment you wake up.

· If I’m not consciously grateful for what I do have I tend to be unconsciously ungrateful for the things I don’t.

The Daily Discipline Podcast is a weekly podcast that Rory hosts every Monday, which is regularly in the Top 25 of Business News Podcasts and has listeners from all around the world. The show shares “insights and inspiration for movers and shakers in the world of business”™. Each week Rory shares ideas on how to increase your self-discipline and make better use of your time to help you achieve your goals in life. He also interviews one very special expert guest and thought leader every week. Subscribe on iTunes and please leave a rating and review!