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It Gets Better


Life can be tough.

Life can be hard.

Sometimes there are just days where we feel beat down and bogged down by the monotony and minutiae of keeping up with everyday living.

But those times never last.

At least not for the people who are focused and disciplined.

We have tough days, sure.

But it always gets better.

Even when we feel like it won’t get better; it will.

Even when we wonder if we’ll ever come out of tough times; we will.

Even when we think briefly about quitting, we won’t.

Because it always gets better.

That is the nature of things.

The dark becomes light.

The storm becomes sun.

The uncertain becomes clear.

It gets better.

It may not feel like that right now.

You may not feel like that right now.

But if you just keep working…

If you just keep trying…

If you just keep going…

It always eventually gets better.

Things get better because you get stronger.

Things get better because you get smarter.

Things get better because you get better.

And as you get better you start to realize, know, and believe that there will be tough times.

There will be tough days.

But you won’t allow them to bring you down for long.

Because you know that you are strong.

You are focused.

You are determined.

You are resilient.

You have inside of you a burning strength that gives you the power to be disciplined, dedicated, and perseverant.

Because of that, it always eventually will get better.

Tough times never last. Tough people do.

And you, my friend, are as tough as they come.