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The End of Ego

EGOEvery human is a compilation and expression of every person they’ve ever met.

We are shaped by one another.

We are connected to one another.

We are powered by one another.

Every thing that we do is enabled by someone else having done something before us that paved our way.

Every thing that we think has been informed by all the ideas and educations developed by our predecessors.

Every tool that we use was improved upon by generation after generation who came before us.

It thereby stands to reason that none of us can take sole credit for anything that we’ve done.

None of us are entirely individually responsible for any level of success we may have had.

None of us are so great that we created anything all on our own.

Therefore none of us should really boast.

Because no success happens in a vacuum.

And there is no such thing as “self-made.”

We are completely and utterly reliant and dependent upon those around us to achieve what we achieve.

Arrogance then is not an expression of confidence but of ignorance.

And ego is not only an expression of lack of awareness but also of ungratefulness.

If there is anything we have to be proud of, it’s the fact that we live in an amazing world, full of amazing people, who have created amazing things all around us usually through little to no fault of our own.

Comparison and Mediocrity

Comparison is not only the thief of joy, but it’s also the cause of mediocrity.

Success has nothing to do with where you rank compared to the people around you. In fact, as long as you are basing the level of your success on the people around you, you are trapping yourself to a limited future for 2 reasons.

1. When you are outperforming everyone, you become rich soil for arrogance and complacence to take root. Arrogance causes people to not like you much which means they stop helping you which means you’ll never accomplish all that you’re capable of. Complacence means you’ll stop growing and do the same.

2. When you’re not outperforming everyone, your heart opens for jealousy and lack of thankfulness to enter in. Jealousy and in-gratitude cause you to spend more time thinking about what you don’t have than experiencing abundance for what you do have. In that space, it’s hard to have productive thinking for what you want to have. You’ll likely become more constricted and more frustrated and you’ll definitely suffocate your ability to achieve.

Success has everything to do with how you rank compared to what you know you’re capable of. Success is knowing that you’re doing the things you know you should be doing. Success means that you’re pushing yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Success is challenging yourself to create something so magnificent that it services others. Success means you do things the right way.

John Maxwell once told me that “real success is having the people who know you the best respect you the most.”

Success is about knowing that you took all of your talents, gifts, skills, and resources and left them out on the table having fought for what is right and what you wanted.

Stop comparing yourself to others and start to outperform today the person that you were yesterday.