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How to Jumpstart 2017


Here is what you need to know to jumpstart 2017… 

2016 is over.

What was good and what was bad is now behind you.

Neither your results nor your failures follow you anymore.

Regardless of whether this last year was successful or unsuccessful doesn’t matter anymore because it’s gone.

What does follow you is the education you’ve accumulated, the reputation you’ve built, and the character that you have chiseled. 

You have proven that you are strong enough to survive.

You have proven that you will continue on in the face of challenges.

And now it is time to take all that you have acquired and put it to use to build something even greater in the new year.

Because today is a new day.

Today is a new chapter.

Now is the time. 

The time to re-focus.

The time to re-ignite.

The time to re-engage.

Because who you were yesterday is gone forever.

You have a clean slate.

A fresh start. 

A blank canvas.

And the life that you will be living 1 year from today starts right now.

This is your new chance to create.

This is your new chance to innovate.

This is your new chance to get to the next level.

Who you were yesterday has nothing to do with who you have to be today.

You can make new choices.

You can make more powerful decisions. 

And you can create more exciting outcomes.

So, get excited. 

Get focused.

Get energized.

And get to work.