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Servant Selling

Selling is not talking people into something they don’t want. Selling is providing the service of helping people decide what is best for them.

What makes selling a service is the fact that people need help deciding. A great salesperson isn’t one who is influential as much as it is one who helps provide clarity.

However, most salespeople are mediocre at being influential and extremely poor at providing clarity. They aren’t able to demonstrate why it is in the best interest of the person they are talking to, to take action.

That is because they aren’t standing on the ground of what is best for their prospect but only what is best for them. And so they say the wrong things, hear the wrong things, do the wrong things.

And so the unfortunately common result is that there is no sale.

And no sale is sad because that means there is no change. There is no difference. There is no movement. And for the once potential prospect it means that tomorrow their life will be no different than it was today. Which means that – assuming their is a good product- the failure to make the sale means there is no service provided.

If we had started the sale from a standpoint of service instead of one of influence, we might have won. If we had made the attempt to persuade out of selflessness instead of selfishness we might have created change.

If we had done this all the right way we would have both been a servant and made the sale.

  • Heshie Segal

    More people need to read this article- it is clear, concise and right on.

  • Ryan Sheker

    I have been doing this this summer in the Southwestern Advantage and people can tell. What you will notice is people want to spend more time with you and without asking, they just start recommending their friends and families(even if they did not buy!) you also feel better at the end of each person you see because you know that you were able to help them in some way.

  • rory_vaden

    Love it! Keep it going Ryan! It’s hard to be nervous when your mind’s on service! I used to say it out loud all day every day. That and “the answers behind the next door!”

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  • sneh

    Hi Rory,
    I just finished reading your book Take the stairs. I went to library and thought this will help me to reach to my goal .I like the book and it inspired me. I want to achieve my career goals. Also want to learn communication skills I am trying to find some groups or organization that will help me.I am working on vision board so I will be on track and be motivated. If you actively look for something You will get it. Thank you and Wish you best of luck for your work.

  • Heshie, you are the best! Thanks for always loving on me!

  • Sneh, This fires me up to hear your story! Thank you so much for taking the time to read Take the Stairs! You should DEFINITELY join Toastmasters. It will help you build your confidence, leadership, and communication skills. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe here to the blog (top right corner) and let’s stay in touch!