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Priority Dilution

Efficiency isn’t your problem…Priority Dilution is your problem.

Priority Dilution™ is a new form of procrastination I identified in Take the Stairs that affects the very people who you think wouldn’t be procrastinators: the chronic overachievers.

It has nothing to do with being lazy, apathetic or disengaged – like traditional procrastination – but it’s the same net result: you delay on the day’s most important activities by allowing your attention to shift to less important but perhaps more urgent tasks.

A few of the problems we typically find in organizations affected by Priority Dilution™ include:

–       Stifled innovation

–       Burned out human capital

–       Perpetuating miscommunication

–       Failing projects and missed deadlines

–       Disengaged and underutilized team members

–       A culture of tremendous speed, stress and anxiety

–       Wasted potential from people with specialized skills being caught up in insignificant minutiae

Often misunderstood, the root cause has nothing to do with efficiency and everything to do with how you as a leader define and act on priorities. Contrary to how most organizations think, it’s not about doing more; it’s about doing what is right.