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What You Need to Know Before You Write a Book

What You Need to Know Before You Write a Book

Many people want to write a book.

I think it’s great.

Books are a fabulous way to document your philosophies, share your beliefs and experience, build credibility around your expertise, and drive leads for your business.

But there is one important realization that virtually all first-time authors completely overlook.

Before you write a book, you need to build an audience.

Before you create the book, you need to create the audience that is going to buy it from you.

Before you think about what your book is going to say, you should first think about how you’re going to sell it.

Every author loves to write but very few know how to sell.

And this creates a conflict because…

Writers write.

Editors edit.

Publishers publish.

Distributors distribute.

Retailers retail.

But no one actually ever SELLS the book!

And what good is all of the work of creating a book if it never gets sold and never gets into the hands of those it was intended for?

Which is a good reminder of why Robert Kyosaki said “Remember, it’s not called New York Times best writing author; it’s New York Times best SELLING author.”

And in order to sell it, you have to have someone to sell it to.

You have to build the audience for it.

You have to build a sales plan for it.

You have to do the work that most people aren’t willing to do.

You have to “Take the Stairs.”

So, before you start daydreaming of all the pearls of wisdom you’d include in your life’s work, spend some time thinking about how you would sell it.

Pretend for a moment that the book is done and you’re holding the first copy in your hands. Then what would you do?

Who would you tell about it?

How would you tell them?

What would you do to compel them to buy it from you?

If you don’t know how to sell, or are afraid to, then you might consider getting a sales coach.

If you have a book and you don’t know how to market it then you might like this free 1 hr training on doing book launches.

But if you’re an aspiring author, build an audience first.

Develop fans and followers first.

Construct a platform first.

Create a sales plan first.

And then once you have it, write the best book ever that captures everything you believe in and go out and sell it like crazy!

  • David J. Kearney

    I agree with you on your recommendations, but I would also add…know the reason you are writing the book. This will drive the decisions and approach on all of your points/recommendations. I became an accidental author and have a book published. My reason…my son. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a Best Seller, but knowing I have a book available in hard copy and electronic versions that I wrote mainly for my son gave me the insight as to what it takes, services I can use, and how to actually publish a book. My book is available to anyone that might want to read it…it is organic and thoughtful, but not a best seller and that is OK. If I had thought too much about all of these other components, it might not have become a book. I love your ideas (maybe for the next phase of my book), have read a couple of your books, and heard you speak a couple of time through organization I belong to. Thanks.

    David J. Kearney

  • Thanks David! You make an important point. There are sentimental and personal reasons to write a book that make it worth doing for sure! It’s a powerful driver to have your personal life philosophies documented – especially for your family! Thanks for the compliment of tuning in and for your perspective here!