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If I bring everything I have…
To anything in my way…
That is keeping me from whatever it is that I want…
I will win most of the time.

If I knew I was going to win most of the time…
I would attempt whatever it is that I really want…
With the confidence of knowing that I could do just about anything…
By bringing everything I have.

That seems like a pretty big payoff for showing up and busting my butt today.

I’m going to do that.

  • Dan

    I have printed this off. It’s getting laminated and put in my wallet. Fantastic!

  • Glad you liked it Dan! Would love if you sent a picture of the card once you have it laminated! Or just post it on my FB page. Look forward to staying in touch!

  • One of the best.

  • Jan Falesnik

    Just came across this. Truly inspirational. I am going to do that too. Thanks Mr. Vaden.