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Here’s What You Don’t Know About Sales

Everyone is in sales.


Not just because we’re almost all involved in some way at some point in our life actually increasing revenues, asking for a raise, gathering donations, helping to keep a customer, or literally calling on prospects and collecting payment.

Sales is all that but sales is much more than that.

Sales, the study of sales, and the art of selling extends far beyond issues related to just gathering money – even though that’s traditionally what we all think about.

Sales is the psychology of moving people to take positive action.

Sales is studying, understanding, and implementing strategies to help someone create change in their life.

Sales is compelling someone to go from where they are to a better place they could be.

Sales isn’t just about overcoming objections; sales is about doing the genius work of influencing someone to break free of the inertia in their life of how they’ve always done things.

Sales is about inviting someone to engage in the process of improving their own situation.

Sales is about challenging someone to break free of their comfort zone to live a better life.

So if you’re a teacher trying to get students to learn….

If you’re a doctor trying to get patients to change their lifestyle…

If you’re a parent trying to get your kids to brush their teeth…

If you’re a recruiter trying to get someone to join…

If you’re any kind of a coach…

Or any kind of a campaigner…

Or any kind of evangelist…

Or any kind of leader…

Then you are in sales!

Because you are engaging in the process of moving people to take positive action.

And the sooner you embrace that you’re in sales, the sooner you can learn and be coached to do it the right way instead of the wrong way.

In the past, you may have resisted thinking of yourself as a salesperson.

If so, it’s likely because you thought of sales as “talking people into stuff they don’t want.”

But that’s not sales!

Sales isn’t talking people into stuff they don’t want.

Sales is helping people figure out what is best for them.

Sales is moving people to take positive action.

Sales is teaching.

Sales is coaching.

Sales is recruiting.

Sales is evangelizing.

Sales is campaigning.

Sales is leading.

Most of all…

Sales is serving.

That’s why we at Southwestern Consulting use the term “Servant Selling” and that’s why we coach people from all different types of professions about how to sell.

We’re teaching them the eloquent art of moving people to take positive action.

And perhaps you’ve followed this blog because you first heard about us from our Take the Stairs book on self-discipline and overcoming procrastination.

Or perhaps you heard about us from our Ted talk on prioritizing and multiplying time.

Or maybe you heard about us from our leadership virtual training Mastermind.

And so maybe you’ve wondered “Why does Rory write so often about selling? What does self-discipline, procrastination, leadership, and productivity have to do with selling?”

And the answer is, it has everything to do with selling because selling is moving people to take positive action!

If you can learn to sell then you can learn to lead, teach, coach, or recruit.

If you can learn to sell you can learn to help and you can learn to serve.

So embrace selling, learn to sell and help people take positive action in their own lives starting now.

Meet the New Southwestern Consulting

Over the years, we’ve learned from customers that there is a specific reason why they choose to do business with us instead of our competitors. They’ve helped us understand that while we do help them grow revenues, increase sales, recruit and build sales forces, and help them achieve their goals-there is also something else inherently unique and different about our team and culture that makes them work with us.

They said that it’s because:

We don’t just teach people how to sell more; we teach people how to sell better.

We teach people a different way of selling.

We teach salespeople how to sell ethically, honestly, and without shortcuts.

We teach salespeople how to be better listeners, not just better talkers.

We teach salespeople how to be more service-minded, not just better closers.

We teach salespeople how to take pressure off of people, not put more pressure on them.

It’s true.

We teach people and businesses how to sell more. It’s the core of what we do.

But we also care just as much about teaching them to do it the right way. This is because we want to help the world think about selling as one of the most honorable professions there is, and not just think of it as a job.

We love sales.

We love salespeople.

We are salespeople.

And like you, we believe there is a higher purpose you can serve by being in sales, which is why we are happy to share with you and announce the core essence of our rebrand.

You will see this new mantra integrated throughout our brand new website, videos, social media presence, and all of our updated marketing collateral.

We don’t just teach you how to grow your revenues or increase your income; we help you:


P.S. – Thanks to all our customers and fans for all your love and support throughout the years! We hope you’ll take pride in being part of this new brand that we’ve created for you. Check out our new website at

One Negative Habit That is Keeping You Stuck


There is one consistent negative habit of people who remain stuck at their current level of performance.

There is one common trait of people who never break through to the next level.

It’s that they don’t measure their progress.

They don’t track their performance.

This one error in judgement can singlehandedly account for the failure of many people to grow because they never know where they stand.

And because they never know where they stand they can’t make the necessary adjustments along the way as needed to their strategy to produce actual results.

If you’re going to create a transformation in your life you have to measure your progress.

If you want to lose weight don’t be afraid of the scale or of counting your calories.

If you want to grow sales don’t be afraid of tracking your daily activity or of reviewing your sales pipeline.

If you want to get out of debt don’t be afraid of looking at your bank statement or financial records.

You have to know where you stand.

Sure it might be painful at first but you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Successful people measure. They know their ratios. They know where they are compared to their goals and they adjust accordingly.

In fact if you want to get in better shape, the daily habit of getting on a scale will in and of itself can be the first step of moving you in the right direction.

If you want to increase your sales, the daily habit of recording your activity will in and of itself can be the first step of moving you in the right direction.

If you want to become debt free, the weekly habit of balancing your checkbook will in and of itself can be the first step of moving you in the right direction.

If you aren’t measuring something, then you’re simply “hoping” it will workout.

Hope is a good thing.

Hope is a necessary thing.

But hope isn’t a strategy.

Measurement is a strategy.

Management is a strategy.

Interpreting and adjusting is a strategy.

So whatever it is that you’re doing…

Whatever it is that you’re pursuing…

Whatever it is that you’re transforming…

Don’t be afraid to measure.

Why Your Networking Isn’t Working


The idea of joining networking groups always has so much promise initially.

But then people often get frustrated because they go to these events and they seem to get no business out of them.

Yet others swear by the power of networking and even stake their entire business on it.

How is it that two people can experience the same thing and have diametrically opposed views on the value of it?

It’s because one likely understands the secret of networking and one doesn’t.

What’s the secret to networking?

Simple: build relationships before you need them.

Networking works when you go to focus on building relationships with people.

Networking works when you focus on giving value to other people.

Networking works when you focus on helping others before you attempt to be helped yourself.

Which is why networking is sometimes hard.

Because it takes patience.

It takes time.

It requires selflessness.

It calls for a long term service minded approach to doing business.

If you’re going to networking meetings thinking only of how you’re going to benefit yourself as fast as possible, then you might as well not go because it isn’t going to work.

It’s not because the group is bad; it’s because your strategy is bad.

Really networking has less to do with the group and more to do with your approach to the group.

The two biggest mistakes to make are to:

1. Try to immediately sell to the people there
2. Try to immediately get referrals from the people there

And unfortunately those are probably the two most common approaches people take to those events.

Did you really think they came to the meeting just hoping for someone to come along who would sell something to them?

And why would an absolute stranger be focused on helping you?

Or why would someone you barely know suddenly be willing to introduce you to all the people they’ve spent years of their life building relationships with?

They wouldn’t.

And so they don’t.

That doesn’t mean networking doesn’t work.

It means that networking strategy doesn’t work.

In fact, that strategy isn’t networking.

Attempting to sell to someone you just met is fine (at Southwestern Consulting we love it!), but it’s not networking.

Networking is about first spending time helping others before they help you.

Networking is about giving to others before they get to give to you.

Most of all, networking is about building the relationships long before you ever need them.

How to Become a More Inspiring Person


The word inspire means, “to breathe life into.”

So inspiring people around you means “breathing life into them.”

And living inspired means doing things that “breathe life into you.”

So the question is “are you life-giving?”

Do you lift people up?

Do they feel better when they’re around you?

Do you make them feel good about who they are and what they’re doing?

Do people leave their interactions with you feeling recharged, rejuvenated, hopeful, and positive?

Or are you life-taking?

Are you life-draining?

Do you make people feel pressured, used, unappreciated, unimportant, or taken advantage of?

We think of inspiration often as a mystical or ethereal trait. It’s often a term reserved for the greatest leaders.

Yet anyone can inspire. And it’s actually quite simple.

You inspire by helping people feel good about themselves.

You inspire by showing them possibilities that are available for their own life.

You inspire by valuing them for who they are and what they do.

You inspire by challenging them to live up their potential.

You inspire by “breathing life into them.”

And if you can inspire then you can lead.

Because if you inspire…

If you are life giving…

If you are life breathing…

You may not even have to focus as much on trying to lead.

People will find a way to show up because they will naturally want to follow.

The Answers Behind the Next Door


“The answer to every single problem you ever have is behind the next door.”

That was one of the first principles I was taught as a 19 year old college student working to pay my way through school over the next 5 summers selling educational children’s reference materials door to door in The Southwestern Advantage Program.

They would tell me…

When you’re tired…knock on another door.

When it’s raining…knock on another door.

When you haven’t made a sale in 3 days…knock on another door.

When you have a flat tire…knock on another door.

The answer to every single problem is behind the next door.

Today I don’t literally knock on doors anymore, and maybe you don’t either.

But my guess is the principle still holds true no matter what you’re doing.

It’s the principle of persistence.

It’s the principle of resilience.

It’s the principle of grit.

The ability to continue on in the face of rejection.

The ability to keep going when most people would quit.

It’s the power to know that you will not be stopped.

Nothing will hold you back.

Because you’ve already decided that no challenge, no setback, and no naysayer is going to keep you down.

You’ve already decided that even when you get beat up, you’re going to be the kind of person who gets up and makes another attempt.

You’ve already decided that your dream matters too much to be squelched by the temptation of quitting.

You’re going to be the kind of person who takes another shot.

You’re going to be the kind of person who fights another round.

You’re going to be the kind of person who knocks on another “door.”

The answer to every problem you have is behind the next door.

So don’t stop.

And if you can, don’t even slow down.

Decide right now that you’re going to solve every problem by making another phone call, taking another at bat, going another round and doing what most people never will…

Keep going no matter what.

The Answers Behind The Next Door.