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How to Let Go of Feeling “Busy”


“I’m SO busy.”

You hear it all the time.

In fact we hear it so much, we should all just assume that everyone is that way and we can all stop saying it.

Because there is a maximum level of busy.

There are only 168 hours in a week, and if every single hour is planned and occupied, then you’ve reached the maximum level of busy.

However, there is no maximum capacity to your mental toughness.

There is no maximum capacity to your peace of mind.

There is no maximum capacity for your ability to handle stress.

Which means that the mental capacity of what you can handle should far exceed the physical and finite time constraints of what you have available in your calendar.

Multipliers seem to have figured out that carrying stress isn’t a necessary prerequisite of having success.

Anxiety isn’t an automatic byproduct of achievement.

And busy isn’t a mandatory requirement of building greatness.

You don’t have to be stressed.

You don’t have to feel anxiety.

You don’t have to feel busy.

Those are all choices that you allow yourself to make.

Those are all emotions that you allow yourself to feel.

But you are bigger than your problems.

You are tougher than your challenges.

And you are stronger than your challenges.

So you can let those feelings die because they aren’t serving you.

You can stop telling yourself that “you’re so busy” because it’s not new information to you that your calendar is full.

And you can stop telling everyone how busy you are so that maybe we all can stop this invisible competition about who has the most going on.

Instead, all of us can move on to getting things done powerfully, productively, and peacefully.

All the while knowing that if we’re working as hard as we can, doing the best we know how to do with what we’ve been given, then no one – including ourselves – can ask us to do anything more.

No More Fear of Loss


Sometimes I worry that everything I’ve worked for will be taken away.

That somehow it will all just vanish into thin air.

It’s a painful thought because I know how hard I’ve worked to get it.

But then I remind myself that even if you took away everything I had…

You can’t take away my character.

You can’t take away my conviction.

You can’t take away my commitment.

You couldn’t stop me from becoming successful before and so there is no way I would ever allow myself to be stopped in the future.

If it all disappeared…

If it all was taken away..

If it all was stripped out right from under me…

Then I would just step back, take a breath, and get it all back again.

Because I am not the result of my accomplishments, my prizes or my possessions.

They are the result of me.

And it is the me that will never change.

It is the me that will never go away.

I am who I am because I’ve fought, and struggled, and invested into becoming the person I am today.

And nothing short of death can ever take that away.

5 Stages of Success

Success starts with having a dream.

Then you have to work mentally to believe it’s possible.

Then you have to do the physical work necessary to make it a reality.

Then you realize you want to help and teach others.

Then you create a legacy by serving the world and making an impact.

This video by my friend Jeremy Cowart captures it so elegantly and emotionally.

It made me cry like five times! But also left me inspired to make a difference in the world.

I thought you might like it. (It has been viewed over 2 million times)

How to Jumpstart 2017


Here is what you need to know to jumpstart 2017… 

2016 is over.

What was good and what was bad is now behind you.

Neither your results nor your failures follow you anymore.

Regardless of whether this last year was successful or unsuccessful doesn’t matter anymore because it’s gone.

What does follow you is the education you’ve accumulated, the reputation you’ve built, and the character that you have chiseled. 

You have proven that you are strong enough to survive.

You have proven that you will continue on in the face of challenges.

And now it is time to take all that you have acquired and put it to use to build something even greater in the new year.

Because today is a new day.

Today is a new chapter.

Now is the time. 

The time to re-focus.

The time to re-ignite.

The time to re-engage.

Because who you were yesterday is gone forever.

You have a clean slate.

A fresh start. 

A blank canvas.

And the life that you will be living 1 year from today starts right now.

This is your new chance to create.

This is your new chance to innovate.

This is your new chance to get to the next level.

Who you were yesterday has nothing to do with who you have to be today.

You can make new choices.

You can make more powerful decisions. 

And you can create more exciting outcomes.

So, get excited. 

Get focused.

Get energized.

And get to work. 

The 3 Most Common Mistakes in Career Planning Decision Making


There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding what our next career move is going to be.

Things like:

How much money will I make?

Will my job be safe and steady?

Is there opportunity for advancement?

Over the years I’ve begun to notice a theme and difference in those who end up both happy and successful and those who only get one or neither of the two.

The surprise?

It comes down strictly to how they evaluate their initial decision.

Most people’s top priority for determining their next career move typically includes things like: job security, money, opportunity for advancement and what skills will I learn.

It’s easy to understand why most people use those as their key criteria because they are somewhat black and white, logical, objective, measurable and therefore simpler to evaluate. Unfortunately, while those criteria aren’t “bad” necessarily, they typically are insignificant contributors to our joy and satisfaction in the long term.

So how do the happy, fulfilled and extraordinarily successful people make their decision differently?

They consider and ultimately let their deciding factors be things that are more intrinsic, human, emotional and admittedly obscure.

  1. Satisfaction over Security – For example, they would be more likely to value the enjoyment of the daily work over something like job security. Ultra performers always trust themselves rather than others for their sense of stability because they know that if they’re always willing to work hard then they’ll never have a hard time finding good work. And so they will default much more to caring about how enjoyable their daily work will be and how much it aligns with their natural skill sets and long term passions rather than just considering if they’ll get to keep their job. When it comes down to it, they will choose satisfaction over security every time.

  2. Purpose over Profit – They also will consider the impact they are making in the world much more valuable than the money they will potentially make. Because they know that while there are lots of ways to make money – and that if you get good enough at virtually anything you will make a lot of money – they know that dedicating 1/3 of their breathing life to doing something that makes a difference in the world will create much more sustainable meaning in their life than will money. If forced to choose between the two, a happy person will choose making a difference over making a dollar.

  3. People over Opportunity – Finally, and most important of all, people who become ultimately successful and happy seem to make a calculation that most people overlook entirely. Ultra performers weigh who they will be working with as much more valuable than what they will be doing or how it might advance their career. They know that the people they surround themselves with has a much stronger shaping effect on the success of their life than do their career checkpoints. They are always much more concerned with who they are becoming than they are with how their resume looks. Thus, their single biggest criteria and consideration is evaluating the other team members they will be around. And not just the top level leaders they might have access to, but who are the people they will actually be working with side by side on a daily basis. While it is their #1 deciding criteria, most interviewees never even ask about or know a single person they will end up working with on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Ultra performers always choose people over opportunity.

The biggest irony of all of this is that when you make a career decision based on satisfaction over security, purpose over profit, and people over opportunity, is that those people end up being the ones who make all the money, build all the influence and security, and end up with the biggest opportunities for advancement!

First who.

Then why.

Then what.

And let money be last as a bi-product of the others.

Choose wisely.

The Simple Truth of Creating a Lasting Legacy


Legacy is not the result of how much you accomplish; it is the result of how many you serve. 

At the end of the day people don’t care much about what you accomplish for yourself, but they feel permanently indebted to those who help them be successful.

Service then, rather than personal success, is what makes us valuable and memorable.

And while service may not be a popular pursuit for many people in the world today, it is one of the consistent commonalities in the world’s greatest legends.

We remember those who served. 

We remember those who lifted us up.  

We remember those who looked after us. 

And it is ironic that no prerequisites are required to serve.  

You don’t have to have a degree, or any experience, or any credentials. 

You can just serve. 

It is perhaps the highest pursuit of all and yet there is nothing and no one who prevents you or blocks you from doing it. 

Anyone can serve. 

Starting now.  

You can find people who need help, and you can support them. 

In that way, you will be adding value to the world, you will be building your memory, and you will be defining your legacy.