Other than hanging out with his wife and climbing lots of stairs, Rory’s an insatiable reader.
    Rory will go camping as long as it’s in an RV with electricity and air conditioning.
    Rory is a self-admitted mama’s boy and will be at any age.
    Rory and his wife AJ are business partners and fell in love on the job.
    In his new house, Rory had a custom-built “vision board” into the wall that opens and closes. His wife made him get this after he covered the entire wall with pictures and goals he had taped up.
    When he's not in a suit you can find him in his favorite Duke sweatshirt year round.
    While Rory has no musical talent whatsoever, he does know the word-for-word lyrics to just about every Eminem song. Karaoke night is crazy.
    He secretly wants to be like Ellen, Jerry Seinfeld, and Dave Ramsey.
    Rory got a hole in one the first month he learned how to golf. It was at Sunset golf¬†¬† course, hole #5 in Longmont, CO. He hasn’t been on the green in regulation since.
    Rory music favorites include: Casting Crowns, Third Day, Mercy Me, Mat Kearney, One Republic, Jeremy Camp, and Britt Nicole.